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Contradicting complainants

Former flatmates of the woman who accused the late Leon Brittan of rape come to her defence and deny contradicting her story


Despite the Metropolitan Police having now confirmed that “there was insufficient evidence to prosecute [the late Lord Brittan] for [an] alleged rape” in London in 1967, two former flatmates of the woman that made the allegation have now told Exaro that they deny media reports of “contradicting” the complainant.


Leon Brittan, Baron Brittan of Spennithorne, QC, PC, DL (1939 – 2015)


In a feature by Mark Conrad, Exaro report that one ex-flatmate stated:


“I cannot recall the exact date, but I remember the incident. I just wish I had spent more time talking to her about it. Mind you, even if she had told me at the time, I would not have recommended she spoke to the police. Back then women were often treated badly when they reported rape”.


Flatly denying remarks by The Times’ David Aaronovitch that “friends of [the complainant] who she said could corroborate parts of her story flatly contradicted it” and describing her as a “plausible witness”, one of the unnamed flatmates also added:


“I was able to confirm much of the background of her story, but after so many years there were many things that I could not recall. I never doubted that she was telling the truth”.


“I was incensed to read David Aaronovitch’s article in The Times saying that her friends had ‘flatly contradicted’ her story. These friends could only have been us, and this is totally untrue”.


“… Few have had the courage to come forward. Having seen the way that sections of the press have treated Jane [the name used to describe the complainant], this is hardly surprising”.


“Many people who hardly knew Leon Brittan are rushing to his defence. I would ask them to consider what they really know about this case”.



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    • If Theresa May had dealt with this properly and not wasted time appointing inappropriates then this would have been sorted in Leon Brittan's lifetime. It wasn't and now the smoke signals continue to rise. This story won't die just yet I don't reckon.

    • Non-news. The investigation is over. The woman should accept her story was not the accepted version of events and she bloody well ought to apologise!

    • I agree it's a total "non story" and fuelled only by tittle tattle rags which Steeple Times has become in the extreme.
      Steeple Times seems "obsessed" with the "victim culture" whatever the rights and wrongs.
      You get more "anti establishment" every week and for my part I will be logging off.

      • You are entitled to your view as much as we are entitled to report on whatever we see fit.

        The former flatmates of the complainant consider their views to have been wrongly reported in The Times and that is certainly newsworthy.

        I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

      • What a stupid comment! You don't like it; that's fine but you cannot deny the fact this is newsworthy. The Times messed up.

      • From an estate agent who gives interviews in the Daily Mail about wealthy people's tacky homes this is laughable. Next!

    • A friend of mine is a well known London surgeon. Some years ago a patient, a Tory MP, told him that he had warned Brittan over his interest in young boys. These are not new stories, circulating after his death. No,these stories about Brittan's interest in under age boys have been circulating for years. In those years he had the perfect opportunity to sue or demand retractions. The question is why did he not.....

      He looks just like Robert Maxwell. However, having worked for the ogre and having caught him bed with his PA I can assure you Maxwell was only interested in women.....and many of them.

      • Well said! Matthew did nothing but report on a story that has been strangely overlooked elsewhere. It is a story and I am glad to see it shared. I know nothing of Leon Brittan's innocence or guilt but there has definitely been an establishment coverup over Elm Guest House. I'm anti-establishment and proud. I wish many more took the same view.

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