Friday, January 22, 2021

Charitable Stunt


James Stunt shares a surprisingly charitable video message in response to the ‘Daily Mail’s’ Alison Boshoff’s attack on his ex-wife Petra Ecclestone’s engagement to Sam Palmer reports Matthew Steeples


When, yesterday, I came across a Daily Mail article complete with a ridiculously long title that read: “Dirty rotten scoundrels who bagged Britain’s richest sisters: Thought the Ecclestone saga couldn’t get any more bizarre? Now the shamed ex-banker married to one of Bernie’s girls has hitched his used car salesman pal to the other,” my first thought was: “Why is this news?”


Nearly every day, that paper features a story about the Ecclestone sisters – whom I’ve never personally met – and each and every time makes reference to my friend James Stunt. Frankly, each and every time I consider a point most relevant and that is: “Do ordinary individuals in Caithness or Cardiff need or wish to know about these ladies and their plainly privileged lives?” The answer is simple: They absolutely don’t.


Whilst Jay Rutland, husband of Tamara Ecclestone, got unnecessarily worked up in response to Alison Boshoff’s feature on Instagram, James Stunt calmly took to YouTube and called out the ‘Daily Fail” for what is actually just a true non-news story.


In his 5:20 minute missive, the businessman defended not only his ex-wife Petra, describing her as “intelligent, lovely and a good mother,” but also suggested her husband-to-be, Sam Palmer, to be a “role model to [his] children” and “not such a bad guy.”


In doing so Stunt showed himself to be charitable and decent and frankly he is right: It is jolly well time that the Daily Mail stop “building people up and then knocking them down.”


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  1. He is right!!!!!! Nobody cares but if any rich hot birdies could be sent Down Under I’d be appreciate and I’d get them on the Castlemaine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stunt comes across far better than Rutland and Palmer. I feel sorry for Petra now – the new surname is going to put her in the same league as Patsy Palmer ex of Eastenders. Perhaps they could do a double act given they’re both out in LA. That would be comedy. “Patsy and Petsy Palmer” has a certain ring to it.

  3. I am reminded of Steven Berkoff’s words: “James Stunt should be on the stage. The Royal Court beckons.” He’s not Gieulgud but he makes a bloody good effort.

  4. It is good that Stunt is being kind about his former wife and even her new man. That is a positive thing for all concerned — especially the three children they had together.

  5. Bernie Ecclestone needs to reel his daughters in. Their spending is gross and I think Tamara Ecclestone is the PR-ing all these stories round.

  6. The Daily Wail, also McCann ( whose daughter wasn’t abducted) supporters. I am surprised, Matthew, that you could lower yourself to bother with this sort of low life reporting. Looks like someone paid for the crap they printed just the same as the “Find Madeleine Fund” did .

  7. Being a grandmother who doesn’t get to see her children and grandchildren that often because they live abroad I sympathise with Mr Stunt given his children are in America now it seems. His reflective and considerate attitude impressed me. Not at all what he’s portrayed as by The Daily Mail.

  8. James Stunt is becoming seen as a very different person to what the media have made him out to be. He should be pleased at all this positive publicity and he should start making himself available for interviews on other subjects given his knowledge of art, business, cars, etc.


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