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Bye, Bye Bigots

Matthew Steeples eliminates the creeps from his life


A friend of mine recently became the agent for Nigel Farage. We didn’t fall out. We had, instead, a most civilised lunch at The Rib Room at the Carlton Tower and argued a bit but by the end of it, we were just as we were before.


In the last two days, however, I’ve had to put up with a loser and a twerp named Rupert James and his diatribe of nastiness on Facebook and elsewhere. This sad, whingebag of an old man from some remote part of Cheshire (and Canada) took umbrage at me remarking on his social media posts and attacked my great friend Gina Miller – a courageous lady who has simply challenged Article 50 as she believes “these things should be debated and looked at in parliament”.


Alongside his weird chums Glenmore Trenear Harvey (some old freak of a sea dog who thinks he’s James Bond and hangs out on cruise boats with ageing old dears), Huw Shakeshaft (a man who annoyed all and sundry at La Brasserie in South Kensington by singing Welsh “s**t” choir music at the top his voice and drops the name of his warmonger “chum” Donald Rumsfeld constantly) and Richard Neagle (an opinionated know-all hypocrite who cannot decide who to support but really sides with the nasty lot), James decided to brand me a “bigot” and “exceptionally rude”.


He called me “childish” and “irrelevant” and said my knowledge of the “financial sector” was “on the top of a pin head”.


I say: Well done to the lot of them. They’ve made me laugh like a drain and I hope they keep hating me. I love having a new bunch of Cruella de Vil’s in my life.


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  • Well done Matthew. These people only polluted your articles with their vitriol. They are all totally unhinged. Huw Shakeshaft is the most pompous, self-centred man I've ever had the misfortune to come across. I heard the staff in that restaurant hated his singing and thought him a grade A w***er.

  • I will miss Glenmore's comments here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the kind of man I'd want as a friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I support Remain. They'd no doubt want to put me in an incinerator too. These misogynist men are just little versions of Donald Trump and I bet Huw, Glenmore and Rupert have little pricks too.

  • Your life will be so much better being rid of these right wing idiots, Matthew. Get rid of a few more. You know who I mean.

  • You are, obviously, well rid of this comical little bunch of mental and social cripples...................!!!

  • I am extremely proud to be a good friend of Glenmore; a man of integrity and sound views. The reality is that those who dare critique Glenmore are really exceedingly dull. Their lives are spent circulating around hideous third rate gallery openings and posturing with glasses of third rate 'faux' champagne feeling that the amongst the haute monde.
    Their 'professions',and I use that advisedly, are mainly involved in 'dressing' show flats.
    The worst of it is that the women look as if they have been treated by some very low grade cosmetic surgeon.
    In thinking mode, they are easy to lead by the nose. They think that by supporting the ludicrous EU they will considered mondaine and international.
    Leave Glenmore alone. He has done more in his life than turnips like Facey, Jack the Lad et al have ever, or will ever do.

    • I respect your right to be his friend but as Glenmore knows and as I told him directly, I do not appreciate the way he behaved and the comments he made. I was extremely civil to him and he repaid me with rudeness. I hope never to encounter him and his crew ever again. That's all.

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