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British Witch – Ghislaine Maxwell

British Witch – Ghislaine Maxwell condemned as a ‘British witch’ – Ghislaine Maxwell is condemned as a ‘British witch’ in a new podcast just as Prince Andrew is permanently banned from Remembrance Sunday services.

Ghislaine Maxwell is condemned as a ‘British witch’ in a new podcast just as Prince Andrew is permanently banned from Remembrance Sunday services

This morning, it was revealed that Prince Andrew will not be appearing at this year’s Remembrance Sunday service at the Cenotaph. Speaking to the Daily Mail, an unnamed source declared: “Unless matters change dramatically, no one believes we will ever see the Duke of York in the royal line-up on Remembrance Sunday again.”


Whilst this foreverness may seem truly deserved, in other news in a 56-minute episode of the Broken: Seeking Justice podcast titled ‘British Witch’ just released, it was revealed that Jeffrey Epstein met mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell “as early as 1988” through her father.


Key proof of Epstein’s closeness to Robert Maxwell and not just his daughter was previously provided in the form of photographs shared on Twitter in January by Kirby Sommers. Of them, in the podcast reporter Emily Saul remarked:


“In addition to these accounts, there’s also a photo, snapped a mere 19 days after Robert Maxwell’s death [on the 19th November 1991], that intimately links Epstein and Ghislaine. Shot at the Plaza Hotel during a memorial event for Robert Maxwell, the picture shows Ghislaine and Epstein in conversation. Wearing a blue silk jacket, Ghislaine smiles coyly at Epstein, who is seated to her right, wearing a white bowtie and an enormous grin. It doesn’t look like a first date.”


Going further of this revelation, Saul concluded: “If this is true, then the power dynamic between them shifts significantly. Perhaps she was the boss and Epstein did her bidding. Or, at the very least, they may have been equals.”


“Chronologically, geographically, the idea that Robert Maxwell setup his daughter with Epstein makes sense. Epstein and Robert Maxwell both had offices at the same address, the historic Helmsley Palace Hotel in Midtown Manhattan… Robert Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein did business together.””


Pictured top: Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell at the memorial event for her father.


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Mother of ‘British Witch’ Ghislaine Maxwell – Betty Maxwell, Robert Maxwell’s widow, at the same event alongside a photograph of the megalomaniac crook.
British Witch – Kirby Sommers’ tweet about the Maxwell memorial evidence.
British Witch – Ghislaine Maxwell with her parents.
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