Bombastic Basham Bashes Back

Brian Basham, PR peddler for mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, suggests ‘Hunting Ghislaine’ podcast host John Sweeney is a drunk and someone he “despises.”

Brian Basham, PR peddler for mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell, suggests ‘Hunting Ghislaine’ podcast host John Sweeney is a drunk and someone he “despises”

In spite of “socialist and vocal republican” public relations peddler Brian Basham’s most determined efforts on behalf of one-time ‘Friend of Geordie’ (Greig) Ghislaine Maxwell, the unsealed reasoning as to why the mucky madam deservedly didn’t get bail showed his client to be nothing other than a liar and a deviant.


Now, in the wake of US District Judge Alison Nathan referencing Miss Maxwell as having shown a “pattern of providing incomplete or erroneous information to the court or to pretrial services,” bombastic Basham, himself, has plainly had a meltdown.


Yesterday, on Twitter, the “unceremoniously dumped by British Airways” Basham turned on the journalist and host of the widely acclaimed podcast Hunting Ghislaine, John Sweeney. In a tweet, the “longtime family friend” of the Maxwells remarked:


“It’s a very sad thing John. You’ve done good work in the past. Has drink got to you at last? If it has, do try AA. They’ve worked wonders for friend [sic] of mine. This work was terrific and I’m sorry to see you in the gutter.”


Going further of Sweeney referencing him on a “current list of people who don’t like me” that also included the Kremlin, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, Evgeny Lebedev, Peter Mandelson, the Barclay twins, Richard Desmond, the Church of Scientology, the BBC’s management under Tony Hall and Tommy Robinson, Basham angrily added:


“Wrong word John. It’s ‘despise’ in my case. I despise you for coating your investigation [of Ghislaine Maxwell’s alleged crimes against child trafficked victims] with the slime of click bait untrue sensationalism.”




Pictured top: PR peddler for a mucky madam Brian Basham (left) and crusading investigative journalist John Sweeney (right).


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After John Sweeney shared a “current list of people who don’t like me,” Brian Basham attempted to belittle him by suggesting him to be an alcoholic before adding he “despised” rather than “disliked” him.
Sweeney responded and thanked the PR peddler for his “kind compliment.” He added: “I like a drink but much more important to me is telling stories power and money don’t want told. Such as #HuntingGhislaine, our podcast on Ghislaine Maxwell. In which @brianbasham features.
Responses from other Twitter users included: “Well I would buy him a beer… A crate full.”
Another user added: “I’d rather be a piss-soaked, syphilitic tramp than work for the rotten to the core Maxwell family, like some pathetic sycophant.”

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  • Well it is very true, Power and money don’t want these stories told, and particularly Mr Basham, who is nothing more than a scum sucking PR bitch for Maxwell. Basham even admits, sarcastically, that John has done some good work in the past, so it’s only good work as long as it doesn’t affect him with the truth. As for Maxwell claiming to not know what sexual acts were, and asking for a definition of a sex toy, give me a break, does this slut actually think playing a dumb ass like this is going to help her case? I think the only person in the gutter, along with Maxwell, is Basham the bull shit artist, the twat couldn’t lie straight in bed.

  • PS:
    A very Happy New Year to you Matthew and all your staff. Hope you have a fantastic 2021.

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