Basham-ing Ghislaine

Ghislaine Maxwell apologist Brian Basham leaves a curious comment on ‘The Steeple Times’ as part of his campaign to try to free the mucky madam from the clink.

EXCLUSIVE – Ghislaine Maxwell apologist Brian Basham leaves a curious comment on ‘The Steeple Times’ as he part of his campaign to try to free the mucky madam from the clink

In October, we reported that Brian Basham – a man whom astoundingly supposedly believes his “longtime friend” Ghislaine Maxwell’s pending trial for “enticement of minors, sex trafficking of children, and perjury” to be a “witch hunt” – was running a campaign to get ‘Bouncing Bob’s’ daughter out of the clink.


With just 164 followers on Twitter, “socialist and vocal republican” PR man Basham – best known for his involvement in the British Airways ‘Dirty Tricks’ scandal – last week left a comment on our aforementioned article containing three links from a domain that curiously “has just been registered.”


Plainly, as he seeks to step up his efforts to get croaked paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s bestie back into her socialite circle, Basham is going into overdrive. Of the links, one went to a piece by the Catholic Herald columnist Brendan O’Neill – a wack job best known for telling high profile sex abuse victims to effectively “shut up” and urging the public to riot in support of speeding up Brexit – arguing that Maxwell should be presumed “innocent until the court demonstrates otherwise.”


Going further, openly extremely anti-woke O’Neill justified his claim by stating: “[Ghislaine Maxwell] is in many ways the ideal hate figure in these woke, unforgiving times. She’s wealthy. She’s the daughter of a disgraced tycoon (Robert Maxwell). She rubbed shoulders with allegedly iffy men and women who have more money than morals. In some people’s minds, she has come to symbolise the rot the heart of the moneyed elites, the cancer of white privilege and rich-people arrogance.”


Basham’s other links included one to The Hill that ludicrously attempted to argue that the Department of Justice have run an “inflammatory” press campaign against Maxwell and another that featured a report about Fox News’ also anti-woke correspondent-at-large Geraldo Rivera calling out her being denied bail in July as “copping out to the mob” and a “political decision.”


According to the article, Rivera – whom previously called Donald Trump “brave” for sending “good wishes” to Maxwell – also added: “They are doing this to put pressure on her” before bleating: “They are punishing her before conviction… She is not Jeffrey Epstein. I think this a terrible, punitive decision.”


Elsewhere, last week, Air Mail featured news of Maxwell’s attorney yet again moaning about her being “excessively and invasively searched” whilst the New York Post described her legal team “invoking the murder of New Jersey judge Esther Salas’s son” as an “odd reference” as part of their attempt to get the most definite flight risk out on bail.


In a filing, the lawyers bizarrely hinted at a security risk and stupendously stated: “Many of the people who want to support Ms. Maxwell’s renewed bail application are older and do not have the financial means to hire a personal security detail to protect themselves.”


Pictured top: Brian Basham (left) and (right) Ghislaine Maxwell in an embrace with the now “in hiding” alleged sex ring scout paedophile Jean-Luc Brunel (AKA ‘Le Fantôme’ ‘The Ghost’).


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Brian Basham has said little thus far on Twitter about his involvement in an attempt to ‘break’ mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell out of the clink, but he did use the medium to share a tweet from an account that seeks to trash the reputation of alleged victim Virginia Giuffre.
Completely ignoring the fact that nobody has been to prove it to be anything other than genuine, in August 2019, Brian Basham tried to hint that the image of Prince Andrew getting randy before supposedly romping in the bathtub with Virginia Giuffre at Ghislaine Maxwell’s house at 44 Kinnerton Street, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8ES on 10th March 2001 is a fake.

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  • Virginia Guiffre has consistently lied about her encounters and many things. The bathtub itself does not fit a person comfortably let alone 2 for sex. She claims adamantly to have met AL GORE on Epstein’s Island yet al Gore never went on the island. She has embellished the facts. I dislike ignoramus reporting and believing all accusations are true. They are not

  • How ANYONE can defend this woman is beyond comprehension. The EVIDENCE is overwhelming against her. She deserves to hang for her and that filthy Epstein did to young girls.

  • Didn't take long to present the 'evidence' in court, though, did it Derek? One, two witnesses, was it? Why wasn't Maxwell arrested with Epstein with all of this over 'whelming evidence'? Why wasn't Gruiffre and Sarah whateverhernameis called to give evidence.

    Genuinely sex-trafficked women lead utterly miserable lives and have a passport handed to them in order to make social trips to various countries.

  • And to Steeples himself: - to pick up on just one point ( one only has one life) Gruiffre has refused to hand over the original of the photo, apparently saying it is in her uncle's house in Australia and she cannot afford to have it sent on to her in the states...make of that what you will

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