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Borwick is Back

Former Kensington MP Lady Borwick returns to the fray and is branded a #FearlessPillarOfTheCommunity in spite of her bizarre comments linking the Grenfell Tower tragedy and gangs


“Triple dipper” – branded as such because at one time she was paid nearly £100,000 of public money per year as a councillor, Member of Parliament and member of the London Assembly concurrently – Lady Borwick has now bizarrely branded #FearlessPillarOfTheCommunity on Instagram.


No doubt part of an attempt to resurrect her deservedly dented public profile, this former MP for Kensington – once one of the safest Tory seats in the land and a place where previously even a pig in a blue rosette would have easily won – Lady Borwick most recently was criticised for describing survivors of the Grenfell Tower as “rather like gangs.”


In addition, ‘Call Me Victoria’ – whose son The Hon. Thomas Borwick sold an app to the now disgraced election manipulators Cambridge Analytica and was also Vote Leave’s chief technology officer also – it must be remembered went further. She pompously claimed that a “lack of education” among the residents “compounded confusion over circumstances surrounding the fire” and was even condemned as “completely wrong” by her fellow Conservative and council leader, Elizabeth Campbell.


Lady Borwick is, given the evidence, out of touch with the modern electoral landscape and if the Conservative Party are to have any chance of electoral success in Kensington again, they should jolly well send her off back to a safe space where she can happily “tinkle on [her beloved] ivories” in peace.


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  • She is a total disgrace. It took "educated people" to clad the tower in combustable plastic. It took "educated people" to ignore the concerns of the residents. It took "uneducated people" to try to save lives in the resultant inferno. It took "uneducated people" to die trying to save lives in the resultant inferno. And of course these "uneducated gangs " lost their families and friends.
    She should, more correctly, be described as a "disgusting object ".

    • I totally agree she is an absolute disgrace and shouldn't show her face in public. I suppose she's bored with her mundane life so she's now decided to resurface and be a blood sucker on the public purse again. She should engage her brain before opening her stupid mouth. I'm sick and tired of her sort born with a silver spoon, who think their poo doesn't smell.

  • She is out of touch but so are the members of the local association that put her there. I've met a few of them and they are nothing like most residents of the community. The old councillor (male) who came to my door made Alf Garnett seem liberal.

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