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Blocking Barrymore

Blocking Michael Barrymore Stuart Lubbock Hitler murder rape

Aside from blocking people on Twitter, Michael Barrymore may finally have to become cooperative given new developments in the Stuart Lubbock rape-murder case

Disgraced ‘entertainer’ Michael Barrymore likes to roll around drunk on the floor with racist baronesses like Marie-Claire von Alvensleben. He likes to block anyone who dares call him out on social media, likes to praise the croaked paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile whilst pretending to be Hitler and likes to not answer questions about what happened at his Essex bungalow on 31st March 2001.


Last week, returning to the case of the brutal rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock at Barrymore’s home that fateful night, the Sunday Mirror and People’s Dan Warburton reported:


“The dying dad of the man found drowned in Michael Barrymore’s pool is hopeful there will be justice for his son by the year’s end.”


“Terry Lubbock, 76, is yearning for closure after prosecutors confirmed they were giving ‘early advice’ to police in relation to a man, 50, held on suspicion of murder and sexual assault in March.”


Speaking to Warburton from the care home where he now resides, the victim’s father, terminal cancer sufferer Terry Lubbock, stated:


“The police are pretty much there with the case. They haven’t cracked it just yet. But I hope it will come by Christmas. We will see justice done and it will be the best Christmas ever if it comes true. If it happens that will really spread some festive cheer.”


“I think the penny’s dropped now. The people who are hiding – and they know who they are – know we are pushing until there’s nothing left to give.”


“I may be going down. My legs are gone and I struggle to walk. And my head’s going, which I really don’t want to lose.”


“But I’m not going down without a fight. I will spend my last days pushing. It’s disgraceful that it has dragged on so long. But I am sure it will be over soon.”


Now, today, we join those demanding: “Michael Barrymore and your party chums – it’s time for some honest answers. Do the right thing and help get justice for the father of this innocent victim of rape and murder.”


Pictured top: Michael Barrymore disgustingly pretending to be Hitler (left) and victim of rape and murder at his home, Stuart Lubbock (right).


Michael Barrymore pictured rolling around on the floor off-his-skull with convicted racist Marie-Claire, Baroness von Alvensleben.
Michael Barrymore pictured ‘worshiping’ Sir Jimmy Savile in the ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ house in January 2006. Of the late paedophile, at the time, the self-centred ex ‘Strike It Lucky’ host disgustingly declared: “When he came in I was blown away because it’s him and he never lets you down. I didn’t think seeing Jim and hearing Jim talking and being so personal and kind to me. I started to well up in there and thought here we go.”
Cowardly cretin Michael Barrymore likes to block anyone who dares call him out on social media. He also likes to conveniently not answer pertinent questions about the horrific rape-murder that occurred in his very own home on the 31st March 2001. Shame on him!
Editor-in-chief of ‘The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples appeared on Shaun Attwood’s True Crime channel in March this year to discuss developments in the Stuart Lubbock rape-murder case at 4 Beaumont Park Drive, Roydon, Harlow, Essex, CM19 5HB. Last year, Essex Police and CrimeStoppers issued a new appeal for information at which time they stated: “19 years – still no justice; Help us get answers for Stuart; Someone knows.” Going further, Detective Chief Inspector Stephen Jennings added: “I believe that [Stuart] was raped and murdered that night. One or more of those party-goers are responsible for that serious sexual assault on Stuart Lubbock. We remain committed to this investigation and continue to appeal for information leading to arrest and conviction in relation to the rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock. Nine people went to the party at Michael Barrymore’s house, but only one of them – Stuart – ended up being violently sexually assaulted and murdered. We know not everyone at that party was responsible for what happened, but someone was. We also know that not everyone at that party may know what happened, but someone does.”
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