‘Henley’s 9/11’ – BinGate (Part II)

Row about ‘heritage’ bins and solar bins in Henley rumbles on; temper tantrum prone ‘Cavalier councillor’ David Eggleton still isn’t satisfied.

Row about ‘heritage’ bins and solar bins in Henley rumbles on; temper tantrum prone ‘Cavalier councillor’ David Eggleton still isn’t satisfied

In January, we reported on a colossal row between councillors over rubbish receptacles in Henley-on-Thames. It resulted in one, a gobby grandad and participant in “many popular soaps” as an actor named David Eggleton “storming away from his camera” and resigning.


Now still, it seems, the ‘BinGate’ saga – widely referenced online as equivalent to “Henley’s 9/11” – isn’t over and this week the local rag, the Henley Herald, returned to report on another council meeting about this trashy topic. They even featured a link to its live stream on YouTube, but only described Eggleton’s previous temper tantrum as having occurred because “his fellow party councillors were not listening to him.”


“I don’t believe in waste” curiously announced self-declared “expert about waste” Eggleton during the Zoom conference on 16th February. He then added: “On the solar bins… The have chips in them that tell you when they are full, but unfortunately [the bin collectors] haven’t got the software… It doesn’t make any sense… I would say this needs relooking at and shouldn’t go ahead… I won’t be voting for agreeing with these to go ahead.”


‘Bingate Part II,’ as the paper branded it, is plainly far from cleared up, but in other news shared by the publication, it was the slightly more important to the nation Henley Royal Regatta being moved to August that took prominence.


Pictured top: One of Henley-on-Thames’ now infamous bins; councillor Dave Eggelton “dressed [up] in his Royal Cavalier finery” to take a bus tour group from Gloucestershire on a walking tour of the area’s Civil War sites – featured in the ‘Henley Herald’ in April 2016.


In March 2019, the ‘Henley Standard’ reported on David Eggleton being nominated for “the local hero award” by his mum and winning. At the time, he cryptically revealed “he was organising new projects, but would not reveal any details.”
David Eggleton does have interests in matters other than muck. In 2018, he took part in training in the use of speed cameras with fellow councillor Lorraine Hillier whilst dressed in some especially dirty clothing. Ms Hillier donned a condom-esque coat for the occasion.
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