A BBC Balls-up

Matthew Steeples joins those condemning the BBC for their balls-up in describing the now deceased murdering monster Phil Spector as “talented but flawed.”

Matthew Steeples joins those condemning the BBC for their balls-up in describing the now deceased murdering monster Phil Spector as “talented but flawed”

This morning on BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Emma Barnett quite rightly highlighted that the broadcaster she works for “got it wrong” yesterday in their initial reporting of the death of the convicted murderer Phil Spector.


Running a story minutes after this vile abuser and crazed killer’s demise was announced, the BBC lauded him by astoundingly declaring: “Talented but flawed producer Phil Spector dies aged 81.” Unsurprisingly, the corporation then found itself very deservedly slammed on social media for their crass and insensitive insult to this deranged lunatic’s innocent victims.


I, myself, later shared their tweet, but added a mocking caption that pointedly applied ‘Auntie’s’ thoughts to other equally vile deceased individuals. It read:


“Talented but flawed” gravedigger Peter Sutcliffe.

“Talented but flawed” TV manipulator Sir Jimmy Savile.

“Talented but flawed” PR peddler Max Clifford.


Remembering Lana Clarkson, the woman shot dead by Spector – as The Steeple Times also pointed out occurred with media coverage of the high-profile murder trial cases involving the slayings of both Meredith Kercher and Anni Dewani in 2014 – yesterday was not the priority for the BBC and again we remind readers that “it is high time the victims were put first.”


This BBC balls-up should now be reversed: Yesterday didn’t mark the death of someone who ought to be remembered as “talented but flawed.” It marked the death of the monstrous murderer of an innocent 40-year-old actress, model and charity volunteer with her whole life ahead of her, Lana Clarkson.


Pictured top: Megalomaniac murderer Harvey Phillip Spector (26th December 1939 – 16th January 2021) with his innocent victim, Lana Clarkson (5th April 1962 – 3rd February 2003). She is the one who deserves to be remembered fondly, not him.


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The BBC got it entirely wrong in lauding the violent, psychological abuser and murderer Phil Spector as “talented but flawed” yesterday in their reporting of his death. They should be ashamed of this insult to slayed Lana Clarkson and his other victims – who also included his own children (who were “forced to perform sex acts with his girlfriend for his pleasure”) and various partners.
Forgotten Victims, Remembered Killers – Media coverage of the 2007 murder Meredith Kercher in Italy focused more on the conviction and subsequent annulment of Amanda Knox that the 21-year-old victim. Equally, media coverage of the 2010 murder of Anni Dewani in South Africa focused on her husband’s possible involvement in her death more than her as 28-year-old victim.
Another example of the BBC making an utter balls-up of reporting came in October 2020 when the corporation was subjected to a “backlash” after running a “tone-deaf” trailer for a four-part documentary film about the 2013 murder of Reeva Steenkamp in South Africa by her arrogant psycho Paralympic sprinter boyfriend Oscar Pistorius. Many criticised the BBC due to the fact that neither the trailer for the programme nor a tweet about it mentioned the innocent, slayed 29-year-old victim.
In May 2017, the BBC was attacked for its “inappropriate and ghoulish” coverage of the death from lung cancer of the unrepentant convicted serial killer Ian Brady. Of reporting specifically on Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme, one Twitter user declared: “The BBC has made a serious editorial misjudgement.” Another slammed them for asking if this monster was “mad” or just “bad.” Twisted Brady (pictured here with his equally evil lover and co-conspirator Myra Hindley) never revealed where he buried his last child victim, a 12-year-old schoolboy named Keith Barnett, and this innocent boy’s mother was thus never able to give her son a dignified burial before she then died herself

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