The ‘Battersea Power Station (Station)’ Debate

Battersea Power Station Station

Twitter users get into a tizzy as to whether the new ‘Battersea Power Station’ should be called that or ‘Battersea Power Station Station’; let’s get them started on ‘King’s Road’ vs. ‘Kings Road’

People who use Twitter can be beyond pedantic, but yesterday “the world’s only model village and miniature city expert” and presenter of UKTV’s The Architecture The Railways Built Tim Dunn got 6,400 of them overexcited by arguing that the sign for the new Battersea Power Station underground stop should actually read ‘Battersea Power Station Station.’


Claiming “OK, yes, this might be my OCD rising but I LIKE CONSISTENCY,” Mr Dunn suggested that Transport for London’s “guidelines say that the blue panel/lozenge above the entrance must say ‘X STATION.’” He cited as evidence for his claim images of the entrances to the stops at Woodford, Burnt Oak and Bond Street – all of which feature the word “station” after their names.


The sign at Covent Garden lacks the word “station,” however.
As does the original entrance at Hyde Park Corner. The current signage above ground simply reads “Underground” whilst internally there is no mention of “station” either.

Though it appears Dunn is correct in the main, Covent Garden seems to be an exception to this rule and does not carry the word “station” on the signage at its entrance. Equally, at Hyde Park Corner the signage at ground level just reads ‘Underground’ and the original entrance lacked the word “station” also.


In response, whilst one Twitter user suggested: “A station is only a station if it isn’t already a station” and another added: “I was listening to a featuring on this on BBC Radio 4; made my brain ache,” the majority agreed with the “inner pedant” of Dunn, another pointedly concluded: “THEY ARE THE RULES.”


Given that’s decided then, perhaps Mr Dunn and chums could move onto deciding what another contentiously named London transportation link should be referenced. It is time for someone to finally solve the ongoing debate of whether it is the ‘Kings Road’ or ‘King’s Road.’ Even, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea council haven’t been able to make their minds up about that.


In the case of the signage for the “Kings Road” or “King’s Road” in SW3, the local council, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, cannot even make up their minds.
The signage at South Kensington Underground Station complies with the “rules” Mr Dunn suggests Transport for London operate by.
As does that at Knightsbridge Underground Station.


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