Banish the Bentley not the bins

An ace Bentley - 1958 Bentley S-Series Continental Flying Spur saloon

Matthew Steeples exposes the hypocrisy of Kensington & Chelsea Council


The Royal Borough’s announcement that they plan to remove rubbish bins in the area because they view them to “attract the wrong kind of rubbish” received much news coverage last week.


Both Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster Councils waste the money of the taxpayer on expensive cars for their respective mayors

This ludicrous idea is supposedly part of the council’s attempts at money saving but in reality all it will do is make more mess. Where now will Joe Bloggs put his Starbucks takeaway after he’s finished it and where will he dispose of an ice cream wrapper, for example?


Instead of removing something that is truly essential, the council should focus on other areas where they could save money. The Mayor and his deputy, you may or may not know, are provided with a Bentley and a Jaguar.


In my view these “economizing” councilors should be made to walk or even follow Boris Johnson’s lead and take a Barclays bike. If however, they are required, surely these fuel inefficient vehicles should be replaced with something more appropriate like a Toyota Prius. It is the Bentley that should be banished, not the bins.




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