Moron of the Moment 2022 – ‘Angry Man’ Owen Jones

In attacking Waitrose customers, batshit bonkers rent-a-gob Owen Jones just yet again proves himself Britain’s ultimate irritating ‘angry man.’

In attacking Waitrose customers, batshit bonkers rent-a-gob Owen Jones just yet again proves himself Britain’s ultimate irritating ‘angry man’

It’s common knowledge that rotten ratbag and raging rent-a-gob Owen Jones hates many things, but it emerged yesterday that he especially loathes Waitrose and its customers.


Aside from sharing his intense dislike for the shopping public, Jones took to Twitter to urge people to harass the Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer whenever and wherever they see him. In a tweet, the reprehensible little squirt declared:


“If you see Keir Starmer out and about, call him what he is – a conman and a liar – and film it. Enough of letting our politicians getting away with this grotesque level of dishonesty.”


Going further after effectively urging attacks upon a democratically elected politician in a rambling rant shared with his 1 million nutty followers on Twitter, but not with the millions of others he’s no doubt spent hours blocking, Jones later stormed:


“You Keir Starmer, are a liar, a conman and a joke. Keir Starmer is a professional political conman. I don’t use those words lightly.”


“In order to become the leader of the Labour Party, he made a series of solemn commitments; pledges, he called them – which were radical domestic policies and party unity.”


“Now, he didn’t just slightly break that mandate, or mostly break the mandate. He has brazenly, overtly delivered the exact opposite of what he said he would be as Labour leader.”


“Now, I know most of the media have let him get away with this because they’re view is lying your way into crushing the left and conning your way into crushing them, that’s good politics.”


“I know his army of supporters online. The most tedious, ridiculous Waitrose customers that you’ll ever come across. They think it’s all fine because they don’t believe in anything. They made their entire political identity Brexit and stopping Brexit for years and now support someone who advocates the hardest form of Brexit possible.”


“Stockholm syndrome does not cover it for these people. The fact is, that is the truth.”


“Keir Starmer is a conman. He is not someone anyone can trust. He is somebody who lies as a matter of course in order to secure power. “


“He’s not fit to be leader of the Labour party and he’s not fit to be Prime Minister of the country and I don’t care how much that annoys the most tedious people on the Internet because it’s the truth.”


This time, like or loathe Sir Keir Starmer, eternally ‘angry man’ Owen Jones has most definitely gone far too far. In an era when politicians including the late Sir David Amess MP and the late Jo Cox MP were stabbed to death, The Times’ Janice Turner rightly responded: “Has he lost his mind?” We’d counter: “He did that long ago” and we today urge this noxious nitwit to learn the art of silence; of course, however, he most definitely won’t.


Responding to the reprehensible suggestion, winner of the Orwell Prize for Journalism 2020 Janice Turner, a columnist and interviewer for ‘The Times,’ rightly told her 85,000 followers on Twitter: “Owen Jones is seriously encouraging his 1 million followers to harass a politician in the street, maybe outside his home, less than a year after David Amess was stabbed. Has he lost his mind?”
Another Twitter user, Caitlin Houlbrook, took up the mantle for shoppers and observed of the cat-loving, people-hating pillock: “Owen Jones labelling Starmer supporters as Waitrose shoppers. Can confirm, it’s Lidl or Aldi for me hun.”
Taking umbrage at the deserved criticism he received after being accused of being “quite jealous” of Sir Keir and rightly told he “never achieved anything in life,” the ‘Chavs’ author chirped: “Better to be a failed writer than a professional conman!” Miaow.
There’s lowbrow and tasteless, then there’s this particular specimen that will say or do anything to provoke and upset others. Frankly, ‘The Guardian’ can and could do a lot better than to employ a cretin who likes to sport T-shirts with captions like ‘Will Suck Dick For Socialism.’ They truly ought to fire this firebrand fanatic and do so pronto.
Aside from his tirade against Waitrose customers yesterday, the squeaky voiced nitwit told his Twitter followers: “The crew now running the Labour Party are just genuinely horrible people.”
The ‘Chavs’ author is incapable of engaging in rational debate. He blocks anyone who dares disagree with him and @M_Steeples and @SteepleTimes are delighted to be amongst the cancelled number. Next!
Illustrating his obsession with attacking Sir Keir Starmer, Jones shared a 12:10-minute video on YouTube in May this year. In it, he called the Labour leader “a dishonest man” and called out his “rampant dishonesty.” He then begged for donations via Patreon to “help us take on the right-wing media.”
Jones is regularly deservedly called out for attacking others. Has he ever got anything positive to say about anyone other than Jeremy Corbyn? It seems not.

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    • Why do The Guardian continue to keep him on the payroll? It is an outrage that an otherwise respectable publication - whatever your politics - gives this little runt a platform. He speaks for no one and his obssession with Jeremy Corbyn just proves him to be beyond deranged. Lock the little twerp up for his own safety.

  • Good God, Sir Matthew, you spent time writing about this jerk off! I have wasted minutes of my life in this message of non discovery that I will never get back.

  • Sounds like he took lessons in nastiness from Michelle & Barack Obama. Two of the worst
    cons in America!!

    • No one is as bad as Owen Jones. He has the ultimate chip on his shoulder. Such a whining, whingeing little berk.

      • You,Mr Steeples are the coolest.I love your wit. Nobody can do it better. I so appreciate you letting everyone have an opinion, even if you disagree with said opinion.


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