Andrew Neil’s (NOT) Coming Home

Nikolay Kalinin examines whether Andrew Neil will or will not return to front GB News.

Nikolay Kalinin examines whether Andrew Neil will or will not return to front GB News

It’s been more than a month since Andrew Neil announced that he was taking a break from GB News, and there’s reports that his “break” might just turn permanent, as reports come revealing a depressing picture of the broadcaster.


On Wednesday, The Telegraph reported that “there is now growing speculation that the ex-BBC stalwart will never return to the airwaves amid rumours of a bitter rift with his chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos.”


Frangopoulos is the former boss of Sky News Australia, which he turned from a budget channel to a megaphone for right-wingers, and there was speculation that he wanted to do the same with GB News. In other words, this clot wants GB News to become a safe haven for ‘COVIDIOTS’ like Laurence Fox.


On Thursday, The Daily Express – yes, I am aware it’s not the most reliable of sources – meanwhile published a statement from a source from GB News that highlights Neil’s chaotic time during his two weeks as presenter:


“He looked miserable, dejected and seriously stressed during the two weeks he was in Paddington. It wasn’t just the shambolic launch getting him down. It was the relentless technical failures making proper broadcasting impossible.”


“One night I was in the newsroom as he came off air after another hour of technical disasters. I think he was close to tears.”


Nevertheless, a spokesperson for GB News denied that the veteran presenter is abandoning ship and stated that he will “return from holiday in September to host his 8pm show.” This claim was further backed up by Neil’s own spokesperson.


There does seem to be a high chance that Neil may come back to GB News, considering how successful Nigel Farage’s show has been, even to the point that the broadcasts manage to attract more viewers than afternoon shows on the BBC and Sky News.


Still, we have to point out that Farage’s show is the only one attaining impressive ratings, and judging by how little amount of people tune into the channel on YouTube – at the time of writing, only 633 people are watching GB News live via YouTube – it could be a sign that the channel might not attain as much success as some people expected.


Astonishingly, Nigel Farage has proven to be a more popular presenter with audiences on GB News than the channel’s very own creator. Mr Farage’s evening show focuses on migrants crossing the channel from France to Britain and is most definitely a “lurch” to attract an even more right-wing audience than where the broadcaster sits already.
Right-leaning “alternative” GB News launched in June but the channel is “struggling” to gain traction. Whilst the wannabe “British equivalent of Fox News” aimed to “exposed the growing promotion of cancel culture” and give a voice” to those who feel sidelined or silenced,” it has failed to enthuse audiences.
A spokesperson for “anti-woke” GB News has claimed: “We are enormously proud of our progress in only eight weeks. As a start-up, we continue to move at lightning speed, learning, refining and growing constantly. We’re committed to serving our audience by delivering the stories and issues that matter to them.” Others have suggested that the channel’s “plummeting ratings” and chaotic style will result in it not even lasting a year.

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  • I like and respect Andrew Neil as a political commentator and I think he would be utterly wasted and compromised straight-jacketed with Fox-esq, myopic uber-right crazies: Leave that to Farage. My compliments Neil and I urge you to get an honest job.

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