Saturday, January 23, 2021

A Not So Jolly Green Giant


Footballer Jamal Blackman revealed as the “black man with dyed green hair” who falsely claimed to be the owner of James Stunt’s now burnt out Lamborghini

When the Daily Mail’s Sam Greenhill reported that a “black man with dyed green hair” had stood next to a burning Lamborghini – registration ‘1 57UNT’ – in Kingswood, Surrey in June 2019, most right minded people thought April Fool’s Day had come late.


That such a person was credited to be “claiming” to be the owner according to a 76-year old witness named Michael Segal is one thing, but that the paper did not actually name this person is another. Today, The Steeple Times can reveal that person is a 26-year-old named Jamal Clint-Ross Blackman, a heavily tattooed individual described on Wikipedia as a “professional footballer,” on loan from Chelsea Football Club to SBV Vitesse.


Mr. Blackman, equally, we can today share, had no right to this vehicle given that its owner, the businessman James Stunt, never had authorised its sale in the first place or, indeed, its removal from its place of safe storage, his former home Sloane House in Old Church Street, Chelsea.


Now, also, we can report that representatives of Mr. Stunt contacted his former wife Petra Ecclestone and her ex-used car dealer husband-to-be Sam Palmer – a deadbeat who sports an especially tacky tattoo that reads ‘Today Is All I Have’ – on 7th October to ask how a vehicle owned by him left their London residence without his permission. No response to a letter sent to the couple has been received and no response has been given by Mr. Blackman to multiple requests also.


All information about this matter were subsequently passed to the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service and now they are believed to be investigating. It is time that Jamal Blackman, Bernie Ecclestone, Petra Ecclestone, Slavica Ecclestone and Sam Palmer answered some questions.


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  1. Great to see the full story being published, rather than the normal witch hunt by the Daily Fail when James Stunt name is attached.

    Has anyone been arrested and charged for this?

  2. Hmm, lets see what we have here: Sam Palmer – ex-luxury car salesman and fiance of Petra Ecclestone, and close friend of father-in-law-to-be, former Formula One owner and present co-proprietor of the Daily Fail ie. Bernie Ecclestone. James Stunt had his Lamborghini garaged at his former Sloane House home and it suddenly goes missing only to be found either crashed or dumped and set alight in Surrey! Was the Lambo stolen from Stunt and unlawfully sold to Jamal Blackman? Was it set on fire purposefully to collect on insurance? Was it some elaborate scheme involving XXXXX, XXXXX and XXXX? Where there’s smoke there is fire! So many unanswered questions! [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS]

  3. The wicked ways of the Ecclestones emerge yet again. What a lowbrow family. No dignity. No style. And as Simon says of their chum Blackman, no class.

  4. As a pensioner struggling to get by I must remark that the vulgarity and excess of Pestra and Tamara is very offensive. Whilst so many struggle to get by these two flaunt their wealth with their huge cars and expensive (but tasteless in a style akin to Bet Lynch) dresses. If the sisters had any decency they would go and support the old folks’ homes.

  5. Why do Putrid and Tepid never make mention of their father’s other daughter, Deborah? There are not two Ecclestone girls. There are three and the public should be told. What horrible girls to neglect their sibling. How can Gold Fingered Palmer go on about comments about children when his wife to be is so hypocritical and has failed to acknowledge she has another sister other than Tepid.

  6. Mr Blackman plainly shouldn’t be allowed near a goal let alone a Lamborghini. His handling skills make him nothing but a fire starter!

  7. The Ecclestones should open a scrap yard. It’s where they belong… And then they could play with that Lamborghini a bit more.

  8. “Not so jolly green giant” – Ha ha. He looks like a fluorescent bog brush more like. Is he a known associate of the ex used car dealer turned cleaning lady agent Sam Palmer? We should be told.

  9. How did the car get there? I’ve seen pictures of it having to be pushed in the past. Plainly something curious occurred. Tell the truth Petsy or it’ll bite you in the bum.


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