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A £75k MayBeNOT

Would anyone be insane enough to pay £75,000 for an evening with Theresa May or £175,000 for a set of posters signed by her?


If you want to hear someone repeat the words “my deal” as many times as possible in a minute, the perfect way would be to buy a night with Theresa May at the Proms.


One plainly insane Tory donor plainly thought so given they spent £75,000 on such at this week’s Black and White Conservative Party fundraising ball in Battersea Park.


To pay that much to be spend time with the most dreary and frankly worst Prime Minister in history is one thing, but if she were to bring along her husband, Phil ‘The Garden’ Gnome, also you’d definitely be bored off your merry rocker.


More unbelievably still, another attendee at the £15,000 per table event spent a staggering £175,000 on a set of posters signed by Mrs May, a woman who truly looks a bit like Mr Kipling’s bit on the side. The lunatics have truly taken over the asylum.


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2 comments on “A £75k MayBeNOT”

  1. Why did this person waste their money? They would have been better having burnt it or better for humanity, given it to a homeless project.

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