Your lease is up

Your lease is up - 2 Lennox Gardens, Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 0DG

Unmodernised Knightsbridge flat for sale for the equivalent of a staggering £1,500 per day


Properties on short leases sell to cash buyers who either have the resources to extend the tenure and those who want an alternative to simply renting. An unmodernised one bedroom flat in Knightsbridge’s Lennox Gardens, however, is a special case given the lease expires on 19th September 2015.


Your lease is up – A one bedroom flat in Lennox Gardens on a very short lease can be yours for £120,000
The reception room
The kitchen needs replacing
The flat has just one bedroom


Priced at £120,000 (the equivalent of £1,429 per day if purchased today), the second floor flat extends to just 621 square foot and includes an L-shaped reception room, a kitchen, one bedroom and a bathroom. It is available through Plaza Estates.



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    1. Have you seen the ceiling on this place? And is that mould I see in the kitchen next to the washing machine?! Yuk! Anyone with poor eyesight is welcome or more money than sense!


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