Trump Gold

Trump Gold – Gaudy apartment #47BC, Trump International Hotel and Tower, One Central Park West, 15 Columbus Circle, Upper West Side, New York, NY 10023 – £27.6 million ($34.5 million, €32.4 million or درهم126.7 million) through Knight Frank – Reduced from £32 million ($40 million, €37.6 million or درهم146.9 million)

Horrific £27.6 million apartment in Trump International Tower is struggling to sell; in this case its not the links to the POTUS that is the cause, it’s simply revoltingly decorated


“Don’t let the opulence distract you”, suggest the many agents marketing what could be quite possibly the gaudiest apartment at One Central Park West – AKA ‘Trump International Hotel and Tower’ – in New York. If they’d been honest, they’d have said something completely different and that would be: “This place is truly horrific”.


Originally priced at £32 million ($40 million, €37.6 million or درهم146.9 million) when first placed on the market in May 2016, apartment #47BC within the 44-floor tower has recently been reduced to £27.6 million ($34.5 million, €32.4 million or درهم126.7 million). The 6,360 square foot, 6 bedroom gold-leafed, marble-floored monstrosity admittedly enjoys “extraordinary views” of Central Park but comes with bathrooms so over-the-top that even Liberace would have blushed.


Trump International Tower itself was originally built between 1968 and 1970 and converted to a mix of hotel and residential space by Donald Trump between 1995 and 1997. The 583-foot tall, Thomas E. Stanley designed building featured in the 2011 comedy crime film Tower Heist and has a 30-foot wide silver globe to the front of it.


Knight Frank and Douglas Elliman are amongst the tribe of agents attempting to sell what they describe as a “Central Park West sprawling gem”. It was last sold in 2008 to an anonymous entity named Daisho Development USA, Inc. They paid $26 million (the equivalent of £23.4 million, $29.3 million, €27.5 million or درهم107.6 million today) for the vast 14-room space.



  1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And here is real beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mr Trump should buy it for his beautiful daughter Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would pay not to live there. The building, I hear, is a shoddy renovation (as with many Trump projects) and has been known to sway back and forth in high winds.

  3. It truly hurts my eyes. Some aspects I like (the bedroom is actually nice) but the rest is… trying too hard. I would buy it simply gor the square footage and view, and then re-decorate it all over.


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