Friday, January 22, 2021

Tosspot Towning

‘The Steeple Times’ exposes the truth about the shameless drag queen-esque peddler of junk Ian Towning

“Permatanned queen of the antiques trade” Ian Towning is best known for selling cheap tat on a market stall in an arcade off Chelsea’s Kings Road and appearing on a downbeat programme named Posh Pawn.


Featured in the Daily Telegraph and The Steeple Times in 2013 after he allegedly broke a statue, effeminate Towning featured in a preposterous Mail on Sunday story at the weekend where he was falsely lauded as an “art expert.”


Reacting to this comedic piece of “news,” a reader who wished not to be named, commented:


“I trusted Mr. Towning to sell an item of mine and then when I went to look at it in his so-called showroom, I discovered it was badly damaged.”


“His response to my horror was absolutely shocking. This shameless man has a vile and bitchy tongue and I can now attest he knows absolutely nothing about art also.”


“When I saw the Mail’s story, I laughed because this unpleasant specimen sells trinkets and gold chains for £100, but knows nothing about £5 million Monet paintings. If the Mail paid this lowbrow gossip for his non-story, they’ve been duped and should ask for a refund. For the first time ever, I’ve been left feeling terribly sorry for Viscount Rothermere.”


Pictured top: Ian Towning camping it up with the now deceased paedophile Max Clifford.


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Tosspot Towning – Truth about peddler of junk Ian Towning revealed – ‘The Steeple Times’ exposes the truth about the shameless drag queen-esque peddler of junk Ian Towning. Pictured camping it up with the now deceased paedophile Max Clifford.
Towning took to Twitter to share his involvement in the fake story. We ask: “How much were you paid for your tittle tattle, you berk?”
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  1. A truly awful man. I once took an item to be valued at his shop on the recommendation of my cleaner. I can confirm I have since sacked her.

  2. I’ve seen this guttersnipe parading down the Kings Road. He thinks he’s the queen but people just laugh at him. He is simply a piece of rubbish.

  3. Can’t believe the interview!!!!!!!! He came to Australia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on whoever let him at the border —– We do not need his sort Down Under!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Deport the rat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Despicable man….. I have seen him prowling the roads of Surrey in his horrendous old gold Rolls Royce with furry interior, looking for his next victim…. just like the child catcher.
    Watch out people Ian “The Child Catcher” Towning is prowling.

  5. Towning needs to be put in the public stocks and pelted with rotten tomatoes. The only thing is that he’d actually enjoy the attention. Here is someone who would do anything for publicity. I urge everyone to boycott his shit store.

  6. Towning is about to wake the dragon that slept in his lair. I’ve heard he likes calling insurance companies. He ought to stop before it is too late.


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