The Honeymoon Express

Romantic “Rolls for two” for sale for £1.1 million to £1.5 million; it’s just one of two made and it was designed with honeymooning couples in mind


Featuring just two seats and an oversized boot to house a week’s luggage, a “radically designed” 1958 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I drophead coupé is to be sold at auction at the RM Sotheby’s Amelia Island sale in Florida on 10th March.


Offered without reserve, the “romantic” car was coachbuilt by Freestone & Webb of Willesden and is just one of two actually made. It has only had three owners from new, is presented in Mason’s Black and Brewster Green with a Buckskin leather interior and was restored to original condition after being sold at auction in Monaco in 2012.


The “Honeymoon Express” – as the model was dubbed by members of the press at the 1957 Earl’s Court Motor Show – has an electrically operated hydraulic roof that disappears beneath the belt line when open. This gives unobstructed rear vision, looks far less bulky than most European convertibles and adds to the elegance of the 4,887 cc car.


Better still, a pair of cocktail boxes complete with crystal carafes and glasses can be found behind the seats of the 123-inch wheelbase vehicle. There’ll definitely be a big cheers to such a clever addition from anyone capable of spending £1.1 million to £1.5 million ($1.3 million to $1.8 million, €1.2 million to €1.7 million or درهم 4.8 million to درهم 6.6 million).


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  • The restoration is amazing. Orin C. Smith was a man of great taste and the rest of his collection signifies that too. A pity his wife is splitting it up.

  • You should not be promoting drinking and driving. Shocking especially on a day when people are rightly campaigning to get the limit down. Also - That you continue to ignore the plight of poor dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their search for their beloved daughter Madeleine makes me very angry. FIND MADELEINE, FIND HER NOW!!

    • Bolex Pam. The Deadly Duo, who have best part of 3/4 of a £million to pay for court fees, are hardly in a position to buy it now they lost their vindictive case against Goncalo Amaral. I recall there was a powerful smell of corpse around them, so the dogs tell us. One must ask whose corpse they were rubbing up to, or stored in the boot of their hire car. You can't even answer one question let alone the 48 Hotlips Healy couldn't manage for the sake of her child. Tick tock.

    • Oh by the way. Is it not totally perverse to consider the plight of 2 adults, before you consider the plight of what happened to Madeleine before she died? You are as disgusting as they are.

    • How about the 1000's unnamed kids abducted since Mad. She's just 1 in 1000's. Let's campaign has whole and not individually. Mad story stinks. DON'T LEAVE YOUR KIDS UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME. They feel remorse for what they did. And they have the money and power to keep the story alive. They just wasting taxpayers money

  • Very rare Rolls Royce. Try looking at a 7410 Silver Cloud 1
    Richard Said.

  • @Alan. Orin R Smith, not Orin C Smith. You just killed off the Starbucks/Nike chap. I'm not actually complaining, though, because I've just had some fun time on Google checking them both out I was trying to find out more about the car collection, which is (about to be was) amazing.

  • Nice car. If I had a few spare million and was going on an honeymoon I'd pick it up like a shot!

    I have to ask, does this Rod guy actually exist. Or is he just the drug fuelled imagination of an eccentric Steeple Times reader?

    • Rod is real (it seems). He is an Australian marketing consultant. He likes leaving comments on our pages.

      • And since he is standing on his head, like all islanders living down under, ideally qualified to be commenting on British and US politics. For all I know he is a very nice person face to face. He obviously gets amusement coming here. Right on Rod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (The gas guzzling Roller should be first in line for scrapping with Rod's Wrecking Ball, on environmental grounds)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think rod has a little chip on his shoulder, l can only think that his ancestry were thrown out of what was then England for some silly misdemeanor, rape n pillage or sorts and tasmania was where they were bound.
    Now he is back here sprouting all sorts of nonsense.

  • A marketing consultant is an experienced marketing professional hired by a company to help develop a marketing plan, strategies and actionable tasks. The consultant may participate in identifying target markets, researching the marketplace, developing solutions and preparing marketing campaigns.
    He is also required to use excessive exclamation marks, and have access to a very large wrecking ball...

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