Tarts & Trump

Ex-Donald Trump limo and Range Rover with the perfect plate for the “pussy grabber” to be auctioned side-by-side at Goodwood in March


Donald Trump might now be best known as the 45th President of the United States of America and a man known for tweeting odd claims that his predecessor hacked his telephone lines, but back in the 1980s his ambitions included having Cadillac create a series of limousines named after himself.


In 1988, the Detroit based firm of automobile manufacturers were commissioned by Trump to create two prototype cars on the basis that they might become “the most opulent stretch limousines made”. Though the billionaire promised an order of 50 further cars, the order never went further and now the second of the gilded machines is to be auctioned at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting in West Sussex, England by Bonhams on the 19th March.


Built by Dillinger Coach Works, the 5.0-litre Cadillac ‘Golden Series’ to be sold features Trump branding, rosewood interiors, a fax machine, a television, a VCR, a paper shredder, an early cellphone, a built-in safe, writing desks and surprisingly, given the now leader of the free world has never touched a drop of booze, a drinks cabinet with glasses. It is offered with an estimate of just £10,000 to £12,000 ($12,300 to $14,700, €12,000 to €14,000 or درهم 45,000 to درهم 54,000) and will be sold without reserve.


At the same sale, another car on offer comes with something that might look better suited on the Trump limousine. A 2000 4.6-litre Land Rover Vogue offered for £10,000 to £15,000 ($12,300 to $18,400, €12,000 to €17,000 or درهم 45,000 to درهم 67,700) comes with the registration plate ‘T4 RTS’. For a man with a love of “pussy grabbing” and “golden showers”, here could be the perfect pair of gifts.


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  • The Range Rover seems remarkably expensive given it is from the worst series made. The tasteless plate is plainly what the estimate is built around - though I would not one to be thought of as a brothel owner so would not want it myself.

  • More fake news!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard Donald Trump did not progress to order more of the limousines as they were crap!!!!!!!!!! Donald is a man of honor and you should learn some f***ing respect!!!!!!!

    • Hi Rod,
      Please I beg you to just use between 1 & 3 exclamation marks in your comments!!!
      Kind regards,

  • Theresa May should gift the pair to Donald. A bit more useful than the pot of jam she gave on her last visit.

    • It could be more useful to have the car recommissioned for use when Trump visits the Queen. The plate would make her laugh!

  • T4Arts - was created to mean 'Trump for the Arts. Just see the value of the Art he has bought over the years!

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