Squaring the cash

Buy an Eaton Square flat for the equivalent of £146 per day – and get the bonus of living next door to James Stunt


Some people compare living on Eaton Square to residing on a motorway given it is dissected by one of London’s major arterial roads but others would argue it to be amongst the city’s grandest addresses. Whilst the most expensive property for sale there currently listed on Primelocation.com is priced at £28,750,000, a bargain seeker with plenty of cash could actually purchase a pad for the equivalent of just £146 per day.


The exterior of the building where a 1 bedroom flat on a 15 year lease is currently available for £800,000

The buyer of the flat will regularly encounter the cars that form the ridiculous convoy that belongs to James Stunt as they are often parked outside


Eaton Square was developed in the 19th century by the Grosvenor family and is named after Eaton Hall in Cheshire. It was one of the few grand residential squares in London that remained primarily residential after the Second World War and residents have variously included people such as Roman Abramovich, Neville Chamberlain, Sean Connery, Rex Harrison, Vivien Leigh, Joachim von Ribbentrop and Charles Saatchi and his then wife Nigella Lawson. This is indeed an exclusive address and alongside privately employed security staff, visitors today will also see such things as the ridiculous convoy of cars belonging to sometime residents James and Petra Stunt (née Ecclestone).


For sale on a short lease and next door to the Stunt residence, Knight Frank offer a one bedroom 914 square foot basement flat complete with a 55-foot by 35-foot garden for just £800,000. Described as “unmodernised”, the catch is that the apartment is on a lease of just 15 years yet the service charge is an extraordinary £6,378 per year.


The flat’s reception space is surprisingly light given the flat is at basement level

There is a perfectly functional kitchen

The bathroom is clean but needs updating

The garden is especially large for Central London

The floor plan of the flat


Though there is a possibility to extend the length of the lease, this could be only by a further five years. If none of this puts you off, here is a flat that is effectively cheaper than a hotel room given it will cost you £53,333 per year, £4,444 per month, £1,025 per week or £146.52 per day.



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  1. I live around the corner (but in social housing I hasten to add). That man and his bloody car convoy are a menace. His security staff were very rude and told me to clear out of the way a while ago. When I pointed out I was on a PUBLIC pavement, they looked at me very nastily. I was quite scared by them. If they do it again, I will be dialling a certain number.

    • Margate has its own disadvantages, although accommodation is reasonably priced the Police and Yobs are a nuisance. I could easily get used to James Stunt and his sidekicks.

  2. This flat is far from a bargain. The service charge is ludicrous given the size. It’s down in the sewers. Who wants to Iive with the rats?

  3. I think James Stunt has great taste in cars. You should be celebrating him and his style. He lives like Howard Hughes and I admire it. Thanks.


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