Slashing the wire

Slashing the wire – Brendan Clouston to sell Eilean Aigas estate for £15 million less than he invested in creating it for £5 million

Scottish estate Eilean Aigas to sell for £15 million less than current owner invested in creating it


When we featured the 546-acre Eilean Aigas estate in December 2012, it was for sale for £15 million – £5 million less than the estimated £20 million the billionaire Brendan Clouston invested in creating it. It subsequently failed to sell and was put up for auction on Monday 21st September by Savills at a bargain basement starting price of £3 million. Now, if an anticipated sale is concluded prior to that auction this Thursday, it is expected to sell for around £5 million.


The new mansion on Eilean Aigas island took 6 years to build
The interior of the building was styled by Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill
The estate benefits from single bank salmon and trout fishing on the River Beauly but is now blighted by a new high wire plylon installation
Brendan Clouston spent considerable sums opposing the blight on the area but ultimately gave up and has spent three years trying to sell the estate


Though apparently spectacular and featuring a vast 28,837 square foot new-build mansion as its centrepiece, Eilean Aigas became something that this telecommunications tycoon and friend of Bill Gates will be delighted to offload. The problem? Clouston objected to plans by Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) to install a 400kv overhead electricity transmission line featuring around six hundred 200ft high towers close to his mansion. He lost and now the new owner will presumably be blind or someone that likes high wires.



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    1. The old Oscar Wilde observation about knowing the price of everything, but the value of nothing applies

      If you buy something wonderful avoid its restoration and decoration by expensive desecrators and rapists

      Simples……if you want to see what God thinks of money; see to whom he gives it


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