Sighting the Cygnet

Largest proportion of axed Aston Martin Cygnets were concentrated in Central London


Yesterday, we reported that Aston Martin sold only 150 of their super-mini Cygnet vehicles between announcing it in 2009 and axing it recently. The total– we’ve now been told – may actually have been as low as 110 and given that we’ve photographed a fair few of them, here we share photographs of 15 of them:


Stratstone on Park Lane thought that decorating a Cygnet with a British flag would help boost sales and were plainly proven wrong
The first of five Cygnets spotted in Central London in white
The second was used as an advertising vehicle for the rather strange and soulless Eccleston Square Hotel
The third rarely moves from Lowndes Square
The fourth belongs to Catford estate agents My Manor
Our final white entry: “NAH” would have been the best response when a dealer offered a Cygnet
Ordering a Cygnet in orange didn’t make it look any better
And nor did opting for this hideous autumn gold look
Ths Cygnet owner plainly harbours a desire to be a Conservative politician or has a deep love of Chelsea Football Club
Cygnet owners had a thing about parking badly
This Cygnet also often parked badly near The Admiral Codrington pub
Lady Moss’s Cygnet was a gift from her husband Sir Stirling and is often seen on the streets close to their Mayfair home
Parking in Onslow Square next to a Toyota iQ didn’t do anything for the street cred of this Cygnet owner
Cygnets flocked to Mayfair in small numbers but were rarely sighted elsewhere
A black Cygnet will never blossom into a beautiful swan

That 16.5% of the total production that we featured was captured within the boroughs of Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea speaks volumes. The Cygnet was indeed a car for drivers with more money than sense. Thank goodness it has now been consigned to history.



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