Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Poor Petra

Petra Stunt’s company posts losses of £4.44 million


We have to join with those pitying Petra Stunt this morning after the Daily Mail’s Sebastian Shakespeare reported that her handbag company has debts of £4.44 million.


Petra Stunt with her husband James Stunt
Petra Stunt with her husband James Stunt


The company – named Stark after her father Bernie Ecclestone called its inception “stark raving mad” – sells handbags priced from £470 to £1,815 and bizarrely on its Facebook page claims to be a “vision” on Petra Stunt’s part that was “born out necessity” to make women feel “empowered as well as sexy”.


Given Mrs Stunt’s previous ranting comments against The Steeple Times’ articles about her and her husband James Stunt, we expect yet more from this Grade A wordsmith shortly.



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    1. That husband of hers is really podgy. She ought to concentrate on sorting out his diet given business plainly ain’t her forte.

    2. Why do you attack this lovely lady? She has done lots of good for charity and though I am not sure if she supports Find Madeleine, I hereby urge her to get involved. Petra’s wealth could do a lot to help dear Gerry and Kate McCann in their search for their beloved daughter Madeleine McCann. Please Petra, if you read this, back Find Madeleine and make a substantial donation. Thank you and as for The Steeple Times, it is disgraceful that you repeat nastiness from the Daily Mail. What is wrong with you people?

      • If she has the support of Gillian Trott, she may as well give up the ghost. Having read Trott’s drivel even I feel sorry for Petra now. You couldn’t get a worse advocate.

    3. Poor Bernie. What an embarrassment and as for that husband of hers……. He needs to be shipped off to the fat farm. Put him out to pasture Petra……….. PLEASE………..

    4. She ought to be sent on a decorating course. That house of hers in Eaton Square was so tastelessly done. God knows what ruination she’ll bring upon the formerly lovely Sloane House in Old Church Street.

    5. Well. She better get her pretty little bum over to the Cayman Islands then hadn’t she if she’s broke?! And take a few big suitcases with her.

    6. Petra looks like a cleaner and the husband looks like something out of Little Britain. Money hasn’t bought them manners, class, style, wit or elegance. That’s for sure.


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