Plated VIII

15 more of the best plates spotted by readers of ‘The Steeple Times’


Continuing our series, below we feature 15 more unusual, laughable and entertaining number plates:


T31CKS – Someone who likes to fool around
T18KET – Someone who isn’t afraid of parking tickets
S7OLUN – Someone whose plate got them nicked
NO 51LLY – Someone who doesn’t consider themselves silly or alternatively someone whose name might be Billy
JAD3S – Someone named Jade
DE11 BOY – A billionaire who takes his inspiration from Dell Boy
CR13KET – Someone who truly loves cricket
CAD1C – A suitable car for a cad like James Hewitt?
111 XXX – A suitable car for a third generation porn baron
70 SPY – A suitable car for someone who is into espionage
7 POO (Courtesy of Frank Spurrell) – A suitable car for someone with bathroom issues
Y1 HAD (Courtesy of Carlo Di Boyl) – Someone who is into Holy Wars
XXX 999 – A pornographer who isn’t afraid to call 999
VITA V – Someone named Vita perhaps
UP02 SKY – Someone who reaches for the sky

We expect readers will come across many more classics. Please submit your images to



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