Plated V

15 more of the best plates spotted by readers of ‘The Steeple Times’


Continuing our series, below we feature 15 more unusual, laughable and entertaining number plates:


Someone’s feeling SPORTY or perhaps they’d rather be SPICY
Someone who needs a SMACK
Someone who needs to RELAX
Someone who likes to cook?
Someone who is wishing away a wedding (Courtesy of Anthony Brown)
Someone who needs to share that they own a McLaren
Someone who needs to make clear that they live in London
Someone who thinks themselves a freak (Courtesy of Anthony Brown)
Someone who aspires to control Formula One
Someone who thinks themselves EPIC (Courtesy of Claire Rubinstein)
Someone who aspires to be Jacques Chirac (Courtesy of Claire Rubinstein)
Someone whose habit for silver wraps might leave them BROKE
Someone who either lives or wants to live where the nightingales sang on BERKELEY Square
Someone who’d like to man the emergency services hotline (Courtesy of Jonathan Beeston)
Someone who is ALL or NOTHING

We expect readers will come across many more classics. Please submit your images to



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