Plated III

30 more of the best plates spotted by readers of ‘The Steeple Times’


Continuing our series, below we feature 30 more unusual, laughable and entertaining number plates:


A female chief executive’s dream car – M155 CEO
A rich and colourful traveller – GI PSY
A ride suitable for a rich drug dealer – HI 4 LSD
A Rolls-Royce suitable for an art dealer or Bart Simpson – B1 ART (courtesy of Earl Grinhaff)
A top spy – M16 TOP
Bog off – 8OG
Britain’s most pretentious plate – 1 UK
Did you read the signs? – S1 GNS
From Russia with Love – RUS 55IA
Grace style and class directly from The Boltons – AA 100
Gypsies and thugs and a very tacky Beemer – TH53 UGS
I’m dreaming of a… – MY D2EAM (courtesy of Royston Prisk)
It’s all about the – S 555 SSS (courtesy of Anthony Brown)
It’s all about you – A30UT U
Lots of love or lots of likes (courtesy of Lev Trubkovich)
Not for someone who wants to remain under the radar – R4AD R
Please don’t dislike me – LI2K ME
Please stop – PL5 5TOP (courtesy of Earl Grinhaff)
Popular with the ladies – Colbert and Chanel No 5
Rap and rap – Y22 RAP and RAP 7
Sly as a fox – The Wellesley’s WELL SLY courtesy car
Snap crackle and pop – 5 NAP (courtesy of Anthony Brown)
Someone who likes to be sexually aroused – G 5 POT (courtesy of Earl Grinhaff)
Someone who likes to enhance their fun – L2 UBE (courtesy of Jamie Cotter-Craig)
Someone who wants to get on with it – ON IITTT
Someone with desires to be royal – HRH I Y
The perfect plate for Sir Richard Branson – VRG IN (courtesy of Jonathan Beeston)
The Vamp in the Veil hits Roland Gardens – A9 HRH
Time for a board game? – 1 UDO
What a load of bull – BUL 55IT (courtesy of Laurence Benson)

We expect readers will come across many more classics. Please submit your images to



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