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Plated II

The Almighty One (spotted by Michele Caggianese)

20 more of the best plates spotted by readers of ‘The Steeple Times’


As promised, here’s the follow-up article in our number plate series.


Anatomy obssessed? (spotted by @MrRegUK)
The Sheikh of Parliament (spotted by parliamentary blogger @GuidoFawkes)
Someone who likes to dance themselves dizzy (submitted by @1936biere on Twitter)
Tiger Woods’ new ride? (spotted by Billy Brooks)
Bigger than what? (spotted by Anthony Watson)
This arrogant individual is now in jail after being convicted along with 7 others as part of a £19 million money laundering exercise
The house indeed always wins (spotted by Carlo di Boyl)
Obviously wanting something (spotted by Ellen Porritt)
Fat cat: A cat that didn’t get it in cream
Named Timmy perhaps?
Brenda’s ride? No. Elizabeth Taylor’s? No. It’s driven by a man who looks like a school teacher.
Thomas Crapper’s new mode of transport?
Fat? Should it be stretched?
Come to my Island? (spotted by Laurence Benson)
The Weiner, Michael Winner or The Joker? (spotted by Matthew Cranwell)
The Almighty One? (spotted by Michele Caggianese)
“Swimming the Channel are we?” (spotted by Nabeel Hussain)
“Despot in London? Shopping in Harrods are we?”
Are you looking forward to a new S-Class W222 Sir?
Rubin’s restaurant’s new delivery truck? (spotted by Tomas Grizas)

We expect readers will come across many more classics. Please submit your images to



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