Picture of the Week: As bold as gold

A gold and black Bugatti Veyron has eclipsed the gold Ferrari owned by Iraqi kick-boxer named Riyadh Al-Azzawi in terms of being the most gaudy car on the roads in London this summer


This summer Iraqi kick-boxer Riyadh Al-Azzawi has reveled in the attention he’s received as he drove around the streets of Chelsea and Knightsbridge in his gold Ferrari. Despite the £4,000 foil wrap bubbling up and peeling off, the Iraqi kick-boxer cruised around thinking he was the King of the Hill. His reign is over as now the mantle for London’s most gaudy car has been stolen by a gold and black Bugatti Veyron.


This gold Bugatti Veyron wins the title of “London’s most gaudy car”
The Veyron travels with a black and gold Range Rover

Spotted parked behind Harrods on Friday, this £1.6 million super car attracted so much attention that two police officers were forced to stand guard to keep snap happy passersby from getting run over. The vehicle, which is accompanied by a black and gold Range Rover, features a Saudi Arabian “1” number plate and no doubt is one of the many toys of a spoilt playboy.


This 48m Palmer Johnson yacht is likely part of the same owner’s collection of toys

Separately, reader James Simpson spotted and shared an image of a Palmer Johnson 48 metre super yacht. Sporting a similar gold and black colour scheme, we assume that it could also be part of the Bugatti owner’s entourage.


Al-Azzawi and this gold and black Buggati driver plainly believe to the contrary of J. R. R. Tolkein, who once said: “All that is gold does not glitter”. They are both wrong.



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