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One Bed Excess

One Bed Excess – One bedroom flat in Cadogan Gardens, London, SW3 – Russell Simpson – £3.25 million ($4.1 million or €3.7 million or درهم‎‎,14.9 million)

One bedroom flat in SW3 on offer for a price that will surprise


When one thinks of one bedroom flats, one doesn’t generally expect them to be especially pricey. Agents Russell Simpson, however, are currently selling one in Cadogan Gardens, SW3 and it comes complete with a staggering asking price of £3.25 million ($4.1 million or €3.7 million or درهم‎‎,14.9 million).


Admittedly the 1,260 square foot ground floor apartment on offer is lavishly decorated, situated on the borders of Belgravia, Chelsea and Knightsbridge and has its own front door, but it is still ultimately just a one bedroom flat.


Thanks to George Osborne, at the asking price, the buyer will also have pay £303,750 in Stamp Duty at an effective rate of 9.3% if the apartment is to be used as a primary residence or £401,250 at an effective rate of 12.3% if it is to be a second home or used as a buy-to-let.


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