O (Costly) Christmas Tree, O (Costly) Christmas Tree

London declared “more merry” than New York as it is revealed Christmas trees in the former can be had for sums 50,000% less than the latter in 2019

Aside from the American high society website Guest of a Guest – co-founded by that bad boy of tech Cameron Winkelvoss – last week declaring they’ve found “proof that London is far merrier than New York” this Christmas season, The Steeple Times can reveal today that a Christmas tree can cost 49,380% more (and no we didn’t make a mistake with the placing of that comma) in New York than one in the UK this year.


Whilst Poundland in Britain are selling real 6-foot firs for just £10 ($13, €12 or درهم48) and Home Bargains selling 7-foot ones for the same sum according to The Sun – which they reference as “tree-mendous value.. six feet of fir heaven” – yesterday, the realty news site 6sqft provided an example at the opposite end of the financial spectrum.


According to their report, Soho Trees, located near Canal Street in New York, are offering Fraser firs for upto £4,948 ($6,500, €5,871 or درهم23,871) each. The firm’s manager, Scott Lechner, told the New York Post: “We’re sold out.”


As Cindy Adams would say: “Only in New York, kids, only in New York.” Aretha Franklin would add: “Thy (better have) lovely branches.”


Pictured top: Poundland’s £10 trees are available at their larger stores and this year’s ‘Loubi Express’ Christmas tree in the lobby at Claridge’s in Mayfair.


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‘Guest of a Guest’ suggested the rather vulgarly over-the-top Christmas 2019 decorations at the emporium of tat that is the Maddox Gallery and the member’s club for naff vulgarians that is Annabel’s provide indication of London winning in the “class” of Christmas wars this year.
Meanwhile in Kensington, publicity obsessive chubby checker Tamara Ecclestone has yet again wasted money that could have perhaps instead been given to the homeless on yet another tacky display at her crib on Britain’s most expensive street.

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  • 50,000% less? If it were 100% less then it would be free. So 50,000% less would probably mean if you 'bought' one of them you'd never need to work again.

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