Naff and overpriced

Naff and overpriced – 2458 National Drive, Between 56th Drive and National Drive, Mill Basin, Brooklyn, New York, United States of America

One of America’s naffest houses returns to the market at a much reduced price of £11.9 million (down from £17.6 million) and with the neighbouring £5.6 million house thrown in as an extra


Last featured in The Steeple Times in June 2014 as “Brooklyn’s largest and most expensive residence”, 2458 National Drive in Mill Basin is back on the market according to Curbed. Its price has been reduced from £17.6 million ($30 million) to just £11.9 million ($17 million) and now also includes a neighbouring property previously marketed for £5.6 million ($8 million) also.


2458 National Drive in Mill Basin Brooklyn is certainly overpriced and its most definitely never going to win a beauty contest
The secondary accommodation is equally unappealing in terms of its architectural style
An aerial view of the compound


Offered by Leslie Marshall of Corcoran and resembling an ugly office block, the compound in question features 23,000 square foot of accommodation and was built by John Rosatti, a man described by The Real Deal in 2013 as “a multimillionaire with alleged mob connections” in the 1980s. It has been owned by the ex-wife of a Russian billionaire since 1996 and includes 10 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, media rooms, 4 kitchens, 5 staff rooms and indoor parking for 7 cars.


Though vast, the interior is lacking in character
One of ten bland bedrooms
Former owner John Rosatti is a man with what can certainly be described as an interesting past


Of the sale, one leading property commentator – whom wished to remain anonymous – told The Steeple Times: “It’s overpriced still and utterly gross. They’ll be lucky to get £7 million ($10 million) for it. Most people describe it as America’s naffest home”.



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    1. The estate agent must market the proberty exclusively for the very wealthy tycoons with Sado-masochistic disorders, I know, I am a regular viewer of houses under the hammer.

    2. Even uglier inside than out, if that is possible. Hardly surprising when you look at how the previous owner dressed.


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