Making a Manor

Refurbished Surrey manor house with connections to Detmar Blow and Gertrude Jekyll for sale for £2.55 million


Reduced in price by £200,000 since when it was previously on the market in June 2015, a Surrey manor house is again for sale – but this time for £2.55 million ($3.32 million, €2.96 million or درهم12.20 million).


First mentioned in association with Robert de Upbroke in 1282, Osbrooks at Capel, near Dorking was built as a hall and smoke bay house in the 15th and 16th centuries. Subsequently redeveloped in the 17th century and then extended by Detmar Blow (1867 – 1939) – an architect, contemporary of Edwin Lutyens and disciple of John Ruskin – in the arts and crafts style in the early 20th century. The building was given Grade II listed status in November 1966 and more recently had a swimming pool, gym and garaging added.


Osbrooks in 1890
Osbrooks today (with 20th century extension to left)


Standing in 14 acres of gardens and grounds designed by amongst others the especially prolific Gertrude Jekyll (1843 – 1932), Osbrooks now provides 4,987 square foot and features 4 reception rooms, a bar, 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It includes such details as oak joinery, leaded windows and tall, diagonal chimney stacks and could very easily be used as a location in a Midsomer Murders or Miss Marple murder mystery television drama.


Of the property, in April, John Fisher of selling agents Sotheby’s International Realty told The Times: “It could be a house for entertaining as well as comfortable living. It has all the space you could require, as well as proximity to good schools”.


An adjoining 4-acre plot with stabling and planning permission for a 1,959 square foot, single storey dwelling is also available through Sotheby’s. It is offered for £450,000 ($586,000, €523,000 or درهم2.2 million).


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  • The house has some charm but if you look at plans of the site, you will see the building plot is very close and there is another house right in the foreground too. Yes, it's down a little used track but this is no private country estate. Travel another 30 minutes out and you'll get much better value for money -- not to mention something without the #ghastly (favourite word picked up here) Detmar Blow extension. Remember his descendant -- also Detmar Blow was with that mad woman, Isabella Blow -- She drank weed killer and it looks like whoever commissioned him to build the ruinous extension was playing around with such a substance too.

  • A total ridiculous HOVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrecking ball required!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knock it down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Knock it down!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It hardly merits being described so unkindly! And just for the record, the wing is very much in keeping and does not look out of place. Not keen on all the interior decoration and yes, there is a cottage immediately to the right, but Osbrooks is a wonderful family home. I was brought up there and have glorious memories. The wings used to be called the west wing and the duck wing when we lived there which is lovely family story we pass on,

    • My ex partner currently rents this property and I just spent lovely day there with my kids, friends and other family, its a beautiful home steeped in history I love it and so do my children.

    • Hi Lucinda, I first visited here in July 1959, I was six! I used to spend my school holidays of six weeks every year until 1968. My uncle and aunt, Les and Peggy Simmonds had the cottage, he drove Greenline coaches from Dorking. Just wondered if they ring any bells. Also they adopted two sisters in 1968, Kathleen and Gillian. Sorry for bothering you, by the way I loved the home and area, better than a one bed in Balham, for six of us!!!!

  • I had the great fortune of living at Osbrook Manor in the West Wing with my dear friend back in the late 70's. We flew for an Airline based out of London Gatwick Airport as crew members. Ginny and Bill Strutton were the owners at that time, and I simply LOVED every moment living there and have longed to see what has been build, upon that foot print of what was a building full of social history.

    • Dear Judith
      I remember you, and would love to hear
      from you, after all these years.
      I now live in Suffolk.

  • I lived here helping Ginny about 1968.
    She was very beautiful and had studied
    tailoring; I also met Bill.

    I have lived in USA for many years,
    and now returned to England.
    Wonderful if there was a chance of
    connecting with Ginny .

    • Ginia is my mother. I am her oldest daughter? although would have been very small when you were around! I will point her towards this post

    • Patricia,
      I note English may not be your first language.
      I ask as I used to live near Osbrooks, Ginny used to take me to school in that wretched BMW that always broke down, and as a child I had two Swiss au-pairs: Patricia and Lisa. I wonder if that was you?!

  • It was a wonderful house, my brother went to school with Piers and we all spent many a fabulous lazy afternoons trundling around the woods at the bottom of the garden. I also remember Patricia's wonderful cooking - especially her bread!

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