Gulf Street

Evidence that Sloane Street may as well be renamed Gulf Street


The supercar hater and resident of Sloane Street Panda Morgan-Thomas won’t be amused to hear that an Arabic owner of a 2013 Lamborghini Aventador has parked it in her “village” and placed a sign in its window offering it for sale.


The £320,000 Lamborghini Aventador currently parked and being marketed in Sloane Street
A for sale sign in Arabic is displayed in the vehicle

The grey car sports car, said to be worth around £320,000, has covered some 870 miles and now sports a for sale sign written mostly in Arabic.


Panda Morgan-Thomas may as well give in. Sloane Street may as well be renamed Gulf Street.



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  1. Yes, lets all roll over and let every badly behaved foreigner do what they want in our town. It seems that London is now a magnet for every shady type. Frankly, I have much sympathy for the lady. London is now a cesspit


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