Cupboards by Harrods

Cupboards by Harrods – Two studio flats near Harrods in Knightsbridge, London, SW3 for sale for extraordinary sums offer ideal homes for pint-sized people – January 2017 – Carter Jonas and Beauchamp Estates – Raised ground floor at Jefferson House, 11 Basil Street at £450,000 ($553,000, €525,000, درهم2.03 million) – Third floor at Beaufort Gardens at £1.65 million ($2.03 million, €1.92 million or درهم7.45 million)

Two studio flats near Harrods for sale for extraordinary sums offer ideal homes for pint-sized people


A typical London Underground carriage provides about 464 square foot of space. In Knightsbridge and just seconds from Harrods, a property offering just over half that area has just come on sale on a short lease for £450,000 ($553,000, €525,000, درهم2.03 million).


The 258 square foot raised ground floor ‘cupboard-like’ property in Jefferson House at 11 Basil Street is offered at a price that equates to £1,765 per square foot ($2,170, €2,050 or درهم7,965 per square foot) consists of a single room decorated with Austin Powers-esque wallpaper, a kitchen with, the selling agents boast, the luxury of “an electric hob” and a shower room. Carter Jonas point out that the lease on the studio is extendable but neglect to detail what that will cost.


For pint-sized people with a larger budget, Beauchamp Estates have also just launched a slightly larger third floor studio to the west of Harrods in Beaufort Gardens, SW3.


Priced at a much more punchy £1.65 million ($2.03 million, €1.92 million or درهم7.45 million) or £3,061 per square foot ($3,760, €3,570 or درهم13,815 per square foot), the 539 square foot flat is within a redeveloped building of nine properties and features an open plan sitting, dining and kitchen area with a corridor to a separate sleeping area. It has a full-sized bathroom and lift access.


Pictures and plans of the Basil Street studio:

Pictures and plans of the Beaufort Gardens studio:



  1. That two flats within such close proximity, separated only by a department store frequented by Arabs mostly now, can be so different in price per square foot is perplexing. The difference between the Basil Street one (£1,765) and the Beaufort Gardens one (£3,061) is £1,296. Makes no sense.

  2. The second one is really stylish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The first one needs the wrecking ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bulldoze that horrible red brick monstrosity building!!!!!!!! Build a new One Hyde Park there instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The wallpaper looks like something from an Indian takeaway. It also makes the place look smaller. Why would anyone choose such a colour?

  4. Let’s defer to your imagination then, Dodge.
    I too of course have no idea what a brothel looks like, but I do rather see why you wrote the comment.


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