Cleaning up

£56 million EuroMillions winners to sell their £4.5 million Cotswolds “eco mansion” – Viewers would do well to not mention cleaners


When Justine Laycock and Nigel Page won half of a £113 million EuroMillions jackpot in 2010, they gave their cleaner their £19,000 Honda Civic and allowed her and her husband to move into their £400,000 4-bedroomed house in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The couple purchased a £4 million “eco mansion” in nearby Bibury and now that property is for sale for £4.5 million.


Cleaning up – EuroMillions winners Paul and Justine Laycock to sell their £4.5 million “eco mansion” Barnsley Hill Farm, Bibury, Gloucestershire, GL7 5LY
Cleaning up – EuroMillions winners Paul and Justine Laycock are to sell their £4.5 million “eco mansion” Barnsley Hill Farm, Bibury, Gloucestershire, GL7 5LY
Justine Laycock and Nigel Page married shortly after winning £56,008,113.20 on the EuroMillions lottery


Barnsley Hill Farm totals some 7,417 square foot in total and stands in about 11.5 acres of land. It features 5 reception rooms, 5 bedrooms and a leisure suite with a swimming pool, hot tub and spa and is described as having been “designed to be sustainable and energy efficient”.


The interior is decorated in a contemporary fashion
Leisure facilities include an indoor swimming pool
Another feature is a sound-proofed and air conditioned cinema room


Selling agents Knight Frank declined to comment as to why Mr and Mrs Page are moving on. The couple were taken to court by a window cleaner, Steve Rix, in October 2014 over an unpaid bill of £375.



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    1. Yet again Steeples Times wastes its resources on writing about wealthy people who have done nothing to support Find Madeleine. Mr and Mrs Page should give a percentage of their wealth to help dear Gerry and Kate McCann find their beloved daughter Madeleine. FIND MADELEINE, FIND MADELEINE NOW.

    2. Gillian, oddly I hadn’t thought of you for a while – I had missed you without realising it

      Because your unspeakable McCanns have been in the news again through some ghastly activity; I thought of you today

      Please don’t make a meal of it dear – but don’t actually go away forever, as you are one of the reasons to believe !

      • The Trott trots out her trot from time to time it seems but she’s got great reason to go wild today. Kerry Needham, on the other hand, showed herself as someone capable of reason despite her terrible loss.

    3. Don’t fret for the Laycocks….rejoice for their massive filip for the local economy

      The window cleaner must have allowed them credit; then fallen out with them – whatever…

      Winning that amount of money must be mind changing as well as life changing – whatever….


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