Britain’s Priciest Houseboat

Britain’s Priciest Houseboat – Flagship, Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, SW3 – Thames houseboat moored at Cadogan Pier in Chelsea goes on sale for extraordinary sum of £2.5 million through Knight Frank.

Thames houseboat moored at Cadogan Pier in Chelsea goes on sale for extraordinary sum of £2.5 million


What could likely be Britain’s most expensive houseboat has gone on sale for £2.5 million ($3.3 million, €2.8 million or درهم12.3 million) – or the same sum as a 9-bedroom Queen Anne house in Wiltshire.


The main deck on the boat
7,174 square foot Ivy House in Corsham, Wiltshire could be yours for the same price as the ‘Flagship’


Described as “comparable to a high end property on land” by selling agents Knight Frank, 108-foot long ‘Flagship’ was built at the Van der Windt shipyard in Holland in 1915. She was used as to ferry general dry cargo until 1940 and refitted as a residence for an unnamed “leading restaurateur” in London in 1980.


Now completely redesigned and providing 3,405 square foot of internal space, ‘Flagship’ includes a vast open planning reception room, a ‘sky lounge’ and 4 double bedroom suites. It also comes with several terraces, air cooling, a Sonos multi-room audio system, a service lift and a fully fitted kitchen.


Mooring and maintenance costs associated with the vessel – which comes with a new 50 year leisure licence to remain at Cadogan Pier – amount to an additional £27,900 per year ($37,300, €31,600 or درهم137,000 per annum).


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  1. It resembles a floating council house and it needs f***ing sinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rotten rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Complete con!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scrap value would not even be $50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sink it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Target practice fun blowing it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr Bone and I would like a little place in London to save on his commute back and forth to Westminster. This would do just fine but they need to give a discount given we’re only poor politicians we need all the help we can get.

    • Poor politicians?
      I don’t think you need all the help you can get. Most of the time you seem to be helping yourselves.
      Still, Bone does seem one of the more independently minded MP’s.
      He’s sound on much.


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