Boarded Up On The Bishops Avenue

Mansion on The Bishops Avenue in Hampstead goes on sale for £15 million; it isn’t quite what you’d expect for such a price


Built on a 1.8 acre plot in 1896 in the  Arts and Crafts style and featuring a mock Tudor façade, one would expect a property on The Bishops Avenue priced at £15 million to be something quite spectacular.


In the case of a mansion originally known as ‘Kenmore House’ and subsequently ‘Al-Murtaza’ (meaning: “attainder of the pleasure of God and the favourite”) however, all you’ll get is a “total wreck” but one situated on a street nicknamed ‘The Billionaires’ Boulevard.’ Near neighbours of this citadel of wealth past and present include East European arms dealers and Saudi royals and the likes of Sir Billy Butlin, Richard Desmond, Gracie Fields, Lakshmi Mittal, Asil Nadir and Sir Peter Saunders.


58 The Bishops Avenue in 2012 in semi-derelict state and in 2019 as a total wreck


Previously marketed at sums as high as £25 million when in slightly better condition – and at those times with now expired planning permission for replacement with a 30,000 square foot replacement dwelling – ‘58 The Bishops Avenue’ (as it is more plainly known) was last sold for a publicly available sum of £5.2 million in 1998. It has reportedly been empty ever since and passed through the hands of unknown offshore entities and was even repossessed.


Featuring accommodation extending to 12,000 square foot and ten bedrooms, the building is likely to get a visit from a wrecking ball in due course. Its current selling agents, Aston Chase, point out that “it is situated on the favoured West side of the street” and still has “a sweeping carriage drive” and tennis court.


Kenmore House, 58 The Bishops Avenue, London, N2 0BE – The Numbers


February 2019 – For sale for £15 million ($19.7 million, €17.4 million or درهم72.4 million) through Aston Chase.


January 2016 – For sale as a “development opportunity” for £22.5 million ($29.6 million, €26.1 million or درهم108.7 million) through Mann, Smith & Partners.


February 2014 – Sold for an undisclosed sum on behalf of the receivers by Knight Frank with 1.8 acres and planning permission for a new 30,000 square foot house.


August 2012 – For sale for £25 million ($32.9 million, €28.9 million or درهم120.7 million) through Knight Frank.


July 1998 – Sold for £5.2 million ($6.8 million, €6 million or درهم25.1 million).


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  • What a dump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wrecking ball (glad you quoted me) urgently required and anyone willing to waste this sum must be bloody stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugliness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well I'm sorry, this maybe in an up market side of town, but 15 Mill, they must be having a laugh. Yes I know it's on a 1.8 Acre lot but still crazy. If you come down under, you could get a 5 bedroom, 5 Bathroom mansion on a cliff top, overlooking the ocean for a third of that price, and I'm not even a property professional. I have to agree with Rodders on this one, wrecking ball urgently required.

  • Hi! kindly connect me to any owner of the empty houses in Bishop Avenue. To allow me and my family to occupy their beautiful home than to let it get ruined. We will look after it well until they find a buyer

  • I adore this property and been watching it for a very long time
    Wish I could fix it and live in it
    If the royalties allowed me to live there for the rest of my life I'd fix it and live there. After my death they can have it back

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