A Wheel Window

A Wheel Window – Wood Lane Hall, Wood Lane, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, HX6 1NE, United Kingdom – For sale for £750,000 ($980,000, €842,000 or درهم3.6 million) through Edkins & Holmes - Grade I listed Tudor open hall house for sale; it comes complete with a replica cabin from a 1920s ocean liner and an ‘apple and pear wheel window’

Grade I listed Tudor open hall house in West Yorkshire for sale; it comes complete with a replica cabin from a 1920s ocean liner and an ‘apple and pear wheel window’


Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near the Rochdale Canal in Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, Wood Lane Hall is a Grade I listed Tudor open hall house that has recently gone of sale for £750,000 ($980,000, €842,000 or درهم3.6 million).


Centred around a two-storey open hall with a gallery over, the 7,950 square foot property also includes 5 reception rooms, a study, a bespoke pine kitchen with an AGA, 6 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, cellars and a double garage.


Aside from such things as embattled parapets, gargoyles, decorative plasterwork and paneling, the building – which dates to 1649 – features an unusual circular window known as a ‘rose wheel’ or ‘apple and pear’ window. One of the bedrooms was decorated in the 1940s with the insertion of the contents of a 1920s ship’s cabin and though described “in need of remedial work,” this fine building could easily be crafted back into a very fine residence.


Edkins & Holmes are the agents handling the sale.


The house was marketed some time ago with 3 acres of land and in better condition; this land is not mentioned in the current marketing material
The undoubted star feature of Wood Lane Hall is its ‘rose wheel’ or ‘apple and pear’ window
The insertion of the contents of a 1920s ship’s cabin makes this a most unusual bedroom
The building centres around this impressive galleried hall
Other architectural features number fine fireplaces
And gargoyles abound such as these over the front entrance
One of five reception rooms
The house sits amongst beautiful open countryside
An aerial shot of the building
Wood Lane Hall in times past (date unknown)
A drawing of the property
A floor plan of the house


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  3. Where do you find these beauties, Matthew? You really are quite the newshound for unusual things. I love it and I love logging in here. Keep it up and ignore the haters.

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  5. Showing its age and in need of some TLC but still utterly fabulous and worth preserving – I like to think that also describes me, cough cough.

  6. I LOVE this house. Rod was so cruel but he was right about it needing a good cleaning. I could make this house sparkle and also make it warm and inviting. Different people life different things. Houses like this are what I dream about .

  7. Is everyone commenting here British? If so, we yanks have a very distorted image you all being so proper. Some of you sound like moronic twits (looking at you Rod). Cheers from across the pond.

  8. I have visited this place many times as my father worked on the farm. I was aged about 10 or 11 when I first went there. I remember that they had at least one African Ridgeback dog and when my father went for the job interview it bit me. Despite the negative experiences on my first visit, I had many happy memories when I used to help milking the cows. The owners were all brothers and sisters who never married and they also owned a mill somewhere in Halifax.

  9. Wonderful story I can’t afford the house but I’m going to go visit it next week anyway. It’s so beautiful! It’s saying come visit and hear my stories. Can’t wait!

  10. I love this house, I’d turn it into a retreat. Pity I can’t afford it. There is something spectacular about old buildings with heaps of history.

  11. Hi guys,
    I was buying this house about two months ago.but on reflection the man who resides there is a male version of miss hathersham,and never done a thing at it in 25 years, it’s gone to far now, and the price is far far to much, as much as I love it.


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