A Seat or a Smallholding?

A Seat or a Smallholding? Two seats at the Albert Hall vs. Smallholding – Two seats at the Royal Albert Hall for sale leasehold; their £300,000 price is equivalent to buying a renovated freehold smallholding in Scotland. Agents: Harrods Estates and South West Property Centre.

Two seats at the Royal Albert Hall for sale leasehold; their price is equivalent to buying a freehold smallholding with 2.47 acres of land and a renovated 4-bedroom house in Scotland

In Wigtownshire, south-west Scotland, £300,000 ($353,000, €328,000 or درهم1.3 million) will buy you a 2.47 acre farm smallholding with a 4 bedroom farmhouse and a range of outbuildings. In London, the same sum will get you two seats – yes seats – in the Royal Albert Hall.


Of the two seats, Harrods Estates comment:


“[This is] a rare opportunity to purchase a pair of stall seats within the world’s most prestigious concert hall. Commanding exceptional views of the main stage and auditorium, the seats are located in the prestigious J Block on the western side of the Royal Albert Hall. The J Block is conveniently located close to the numerous bars and restaurants so that as a member of the Corporation of the Hall of Arts and Science, you will be able to entertain your guests in style.”


The two seats are priced at the equivalent of just £177 per seat year ($209, €194 or درهم766 per year) for the remainder of the 846 year lease. The purchaser is entitled to access to approximately 80% of the performances and can either use the seats themselves or sell privately through the Royal Albert Hall.


Cairngarroch Farm at Stoneykirk, on the other hand, is offered by agents the South West Property Centre. They refer to its “splendid views over the surrounding countryside” and how “some more land may be available by separate negotiation.”


More images of the smallholding follow below.


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  1. The Scottish place looks great. The seats – well, with the general tripe that gets put on in that hall these days (it used to be so good) I’ll pass.

  2. And yet sadly, I somehow expect, the two RAH seats will sell both faster and percentage-wise at nearer the asking price than the Scottish farm. A sad sign of our times and the void between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ 🙁


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