A Peaceful Reduction

Designer Reed Krakoff slashes the price of his Hamptons mansion; Jackie Kennedy Onassis spent her childhood summers there


A Hamptons mansion named Lasata – meaning: “Place of Peace” in Native American – where Jacqueline Bouvier (later Kennedy and later Kennedy Onassis) spent her childhood summers has recently been reduced in price from £41.5 million to £36.1 million.


121 Further Lane, East Hampton, New York, NY 11937, United States of America
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1929 – 1994)
Reed and Delphine Krakoff – Mr Krakoff was at one time tipped as “the next Tom Ford” but reportedly “walked away” from his eponymous brand after supposed differences of vision for it with investors


Alternatively and more simply known as 121 Further Lane, the property concerned is situated in East Hampton and currently owned by the fashion designer Reed Krakoff and his wife Delphine. It extends to 8,500 square foot and includes 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms and stands on a plot of 11.54 acres.


Two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and three blocks from the Maidstone Club, Lasata was built in 1917 to the designs of Arthur Jackson and bought by Jackie Bouvier’s paternal grandfather, John Vernou Bouvier Jr. (AKA ‘The Major’), in 1935. The future President’s wife is said to have learnt to ride there and aged ten, wrote a poem about her time at the estate:


When I go down to the sandy shore

I can think of nothing I want more

Than to live by the booming blue sea

As the seagulls flutter around about me

I can run about when the tide is out

With the wind and the sea all about

And the seagulls are swirling and diving for fish

Oh-to live by the sea is my only wish


The Arts and Crafts style property was subsequently sold and most recently bought by Mr and Mrs Krakoff for £15.3 million in 2007. The pair – whose other homes have variously included residences in Paris, New York’s Upper East Side and the former New Canaan, Connecticut residence of the eccentric recluse Huguette Clark – carried out extensive renovations and are said to be selling in order to move to a more contemporary beachfront Hamptons property.


Available as a whole or in two lots, Lasata is offered by Knight Frank.


121 Further Lane – The Numbers


April 2007 – Sold for £15.3 million ($20 million, €17.2 million or درهم73.5 million).


September 2016 – Listed for £41.47 million ($53.99 million, €46.44 million or درهم198.32 million).


May 2017 – Relisted for £39.9 million ($51.99 million, €44.72 million or درهم190.97 million).


June 2017 – Reduced to £36.1 million ($47 million, €40.4 million or درهم172.6 million).


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  • As a property professional, may I suggest that this price is still far too high. This property is not directly on the beach and it is also not especially private. I can certainly see its merits but it will sell for a sum closer to £25m I'd reckon.

  • The Kennedy family were bootlegging terrorist sympathizing whorebag crooks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????? Nobody would celebrate any connection with them or that wife ----- as sexy as she was ----- and I think the decoration of this house is s****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Send in the wrecking ball and demolish it immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Very funny post ?. You must admit she did go through hell with John Kennedy, and the other husband, who was a sick freak !! Jackie had several nervous breakdowns, and shock treatments, in a private hospital in Arlington, Mass., no longer open. To have lived her life, I think this place is part of history also. JMHO.

  • I agree the price seems high but I think it is quite tasteful actually - other than the yellow, orange and green beds.

  • Well, I like reading Yolanda's comments. She does it for a living, so she's a property professional.
    I think it's quite homey looking, except for the horrendous bedroom colours. And when there's another storm, as there surely will be, like the one in 1938 that destroyed so many Long Island homes, it'll be good not to have it beach front. So there.

  • The Krakoffs have little to be proud of if they're responsible for these quite GHASTLY interiors........!!!

  • As a historic property I think it is a mess. Too much to sort out to truly bring out the era it comes from. As the childhood home of an American Icon; I don't think it has a strong enough connection. She also spent many childhood summers at Gray Gardens in East Hampton with her cousins the Beales. As an investment it lacks the beach front necessary to ensure it will hold and increase in value accordingly to its price point. As for its asking price... reduce- reduce- reduce! in needs to come down significantly before it will sell. Just my evaluation as a former Multi- Million Dollar Real Estate Producer.

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