A Castle With A Catch

Romantic island in Ireland complete with its own castle for sale for just £80,000; there is, of course, a catch


A 0.54 acre island at the southeastern end of Lough Key, near Boyle in County Roscommon is to be sold this December. A castle was built there first in the 12th century and though that was eventually burnt to the ground after being struck by a bolt of lightning, about 200 years ago a “folly house” was constructed in its place by an English family named the Kings.


Once again now a ruin, this Irish National Monument is described as being in a “perilous state” but could potentially be restored to create what could be the most spectacular holiday home imaginable.


Associated with the Legend of Una Bhan – the tragic story of a girl who fell in love with the son of the clan chief owner of the island – McDermott’s Island also featured in the works of W. B. Yeats and was visited by Sir Bob Geldoff when he made a BBC film titled A Fanatic Heart about the Irish poet in 2016. It was previously used for the Sky One sitcom Moone Boy starring Steve Coogan and Johnny Vegas in 2014.


Offered with a guide of £79,000 ($102,000, €90,000 or درهم373,000), bidding opens on 7th December and closes on the 13th December though BidX1. Grand Designs loving sorts will no doubt be queuing up.


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  • Wrecking ball urgently required!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not worth a $1!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pull it down!!!!!!!!!!! A liability and a health hazard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Family history there. Please don’t think like American’s who tear everything down then wonder why hey have no sense of belonging!!

      • I too have family history there, are you also related to my Great Grandfather Joseph Ormond McDermott and Mary May Lawler? Obviously I agree with your comment.

      • Please ignore the silly person, it’s the most beautiful place and if I had a spare £100k I’d buy it in a heartbeat. House of my dreams :)

        • Thank you, all Americans do not feel that way at all. it would be glorious to see it cared for and restored to whatever degree possible.

        • This american agrees, Restore this beauty! You will actually find a lot of the people would rather save landmarks like this. Its the companies and government that buy landmarks and tear them down. Stop stereotyping it is very unbecoming.

      • I agree with Mary! I am a McDermett descended from the the family who built this castle. Yes, I am an American but my roots are deep in Ireland and Scotland. I know if I had the money, I would buy and restore it to its former glory!

      • I don’t think anyone will be doing anything with it tearing it down or renovating it just doesn’t make sense economically

      • Hi Mary,
        That was pretty harsh about Americans! A lot of Americans are of Irish dissent and absolutely love Ireland and the Irish people.
        I’m an American and I’ve been to McDermott Island 3 times and love it.

      • There are two types of people.....Destroyers and Savers. Not all Americans are destroyers (We saw plenty of historic homes in Dublin being torn apart). I absolutely LOVE older things and had a business that relied on it. Please don't listen to that obvious troll.

    • Useless Troll.
      Your mommy should kick you out of her basement and take away your internet. So the rest of us would not have to be subjected to your noxious self.

    • No, do not tear this beautiful place down. It has aged, yes, but it is more magnificent. I would love to buy this and put all my time and effort into restoring it.

      • We believe him to be an Australian marketing consultant, but you may be right.

    • This December 2019? I have not seen any notice from the organization that was trying to save the Island. Is it going to become part of the huge outdoor recreational camping and boating tourist Attraction?

  • I may be interested, but would like to see interior pictures. I am a recent widow in Canada with the means to restore.

  • Not all American's want to tear down buildings. I'm American and I love historical buildings, and would buy all of them and restore them to their greatest glory if I had the money. That would truly be a dream come true. I love these types of places. Please don't lump us all together. we are all different.

    • Thank you for your comment Leah. Well said, we are all different. It is sad that we can't even go to other countries and say we came from United States because quickly we are treated as the worst people in the world. How sad it's this feeling for us, the people that think and appreciate history and culture. I also hoped to have that money to buy this castle, my three children would be amazed to live there.

  • It's beautiful and would be a glorious sight once restored. I personally would live there full time. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • American who would never dream of tearing that down!! If I had the means it would be bought & restored. I'd love a place like that.

  • From a Canadian citizen with very strong Irish heritage. Restore this wonderful place. Or leave it to stand as a testimony to the areas history.

  • I'm American and love historical buildings. Our grandfather, James McDermott, was from Roscommon. My brother and I would be interested in our family here in America pitching in to purchase the castle for preservation and eventual site seeing by all Mac Diarmada.

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