A Castle of Commerce

Penthouse in “the cathedral of commerce” that is the Woolworth Building in New York for sale for £60 million in spite of just being a raw space

Boldly described by developers Alchemy Properties as “the most extraordinary penthouse in Tribeca’s history,” a six-storey penthouse in what was the tallest building in the world between 1912 and 1930 has had its price slashed from £83.9 million ($110 million, €98.2 million or درهم404 million) in 2017 to £60.3 million ($79 million, €70.6 million or درهم290.1 million).


A cutaway rendering of the penthouse that could be created.
Designs by architect David Hotson indicate how the interior could look.
A sculpture of Cass Gilbert holding a model of the Woolworth Building is one of many “strange faces” lurking throughout the building.

Situated within the Woolworth Building at 233 Broadway that was designed by the architect Cass Gilbert and built between 1910 and 1912, the space offered takes the form of an octagonal pyramid and was originally used as an observatory deck. Some 300,000 people visited annually, but after the Pearl Harbour attack it was closed as a “security measure” in 1941.


Consisting currently of a 9,860 square foot “white box” that is 636-foot to 727-foot above the ground, this “castle in the sky” includes a 408 square foot roof terrace and comes with access to the building’s amentities. They number a full-time concierge, a 24-hour doorman, a fitness centre with a 50-foot lap pool, a wine cellar and tasting room.


Originally the headquarters of Frank W. Woolworth, a businessman who founded a chain of popular five-and-ten-cent stores, the top thirty floors were sold to a developer in 2012 for conversion from office to residential. In the time since, sales have been slow and as of February this year only three of the thirty-one condos created have sold.


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  • Hideous and stupidly priced!!!!!!!!!! Wrecking ball urgently required!!!!!!!!!! Why do rich people want to live where they are most at risk of burning to death if a fire broke out????????? Stupid........... Idiots..... And an ideal terrorist target!!!!!!!!!!!! Burn baby burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Too many stairs for this little old lady and far too big - but what views it has. The interior designs aren't very exciting though.

  • No sorry, not my cupoftea. The architecture is hideous and looks like a pig in lipstick, you can have my share. Also, what would the body corporate fees be like??

  • PS, Can I just take this opportunity to wish you Matthew, and the Steeple Times, a very Happy New year from across the pond.

    • Thank you Dodge and thank you for your contributions throughout the year. May they long continue. Happy New Year to you and yours and all the very best for 2020 and beyond.

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