A Base in Bayswater

Two bedroom flat in Bayswater for sale for £12 million; it does come with two parking spaces and décor that harks back to the era of Laura Ashley


A leasehold flat in Hyde Park Gardens, London, W2 has gone on sale for the staggering sum of £12 million ($15.9 million, €13.5 million or درهم58.6 million) in spite of having just two bedrooms.


Admittedly, however, the first floor property offered by agents Aylesford is anything but ordinary. It extends to some 3,502 square foot across two period buildings and includes three vast reception rooms with ceiling heights of in excess of 13-feet.


Part of a building used as an auxiliary hospital for officers between 1916 and 1919, the flat also has two balconies, two off-street parking spaces and enjoys views across Hyde Park.


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  • Lovely English country house style in the middle of London. It is a little out of the budget of a pensioner of increasingly limited means but it was lovely to look at.

    • Ethel, dear....from that comment I imagine the only English country houses you know are in Totteridge.
      The interior is pure vulgarity

  • With improvements at Paddington Station this area of London is increasingly looking attractive. 'North of the Park' for many years meant downbeat and bedsits and seedy B&Bs but here is indication that there is quality to be found. The value will go north too and as a property professional I would say at £3400psf this is not bad value at all.

    • You would, would you?
      Well, so much for you being a 'property professional'!
      It will need at least £1000 psf spending on it so you think it done up and north of the park it's worth near £4,500 psf?
      You must be a total dimwit to believe that.

  • WTF??????????????? WTF????????????????? A$20m!!!!!!!! Insanity!!!!!!!!! It is awful!!!!!!!!!! Knock it down and build something funky!!!!!!!!!! Wrecking ball urgently needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Rod, you live in grubby suburb of Melbourne....probably one of those sorts of prefab bungies.
      What would you know of qulaity and good taste?

  • What a glorious space to entertain in. The decoration -- if it can be called such -- needs toning down. That bathroom would give me a headache and as for the bedroom - Good God!

  • Simon sums it up succinctly. The wallpaper and curtains are quite spectactularly awful, and the kitchen was last decorated in the 50s. But two balconies, two car parking spaces and oodles of room works for me. Can anyone lend me 12 million quid plus some re-decorating money please?

  • I could easily live with the Alfa Romeo Zagato for a few weeks. But that house is as disgusting as the price. Someone needs Give the agents a few million years of evolution time to leave the swamps and at least act like a normal property reptile.

  • £12,000,000 for the finest example of bad taste I've seen in years. Has April Fool's Day come late? This place is more of a timewarp than than the 1980s Eaton Square flat you featured. At least that has the cache of having had half of Gilbert and Sullivan live there - this has nothing.

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