Yuletide Stunt

James Stunt shares his views on his ex-wife and her family, Lord Rothermere and others who’ve caused him ill – be prepared to be surprised at what he has to say


In a 12:28 minute video uploaded to YouTube, James Stunt has produced a Christmas missive in which he shares his thoughts on his experiences during  2018.


Announcing that he has “been keeping quite a low profile and that he has” been doing that deliberately,” the businessman spoke of how he “hit the mattresses [and] became reclusive… during this rather peculiar year” but also of how he intends to “come back like a Phoenix from the ashes during 2019.”


Of his ex-wife, Petra Ecclestone, and her new boyfriend, the 36-year old is surprisingly positive:


“I have nothing bad to say about the mother of my children and I have nothing bad to say about her boyfriend, Sam Palmer… I hope they the press will give him a chance like they didn’t give me… I hope that he is not made into a pantomime villain… He should be given a chance.”


Regarding Ms Ecclestone’s parents, however, Stunt is less charitable. He remarks:


“I obviously don’t have warm opinions of Slavica and Bernie. I am here to let you know Bernie, you will not succeed… You’re in your eighties, you really just need to get a life… Come on mate it’s just ridiculous but you just need to get a new hobby. You are really just holding a grudge on someone who has been very fair on you.”


Of others including the Daily Mail owner Lord Rothermere – whom he has an ongoing privacy case against – Stunt claims “several people are trying to bring about [his] demise. ” He responds:


“My resolve is as strong as ever… I am pure of heart and innocent of any crimes and immoral acts, you have nothing. I am Teflon because I do not break the law. You people are Velcro and everything will be sticking when the truth comes out.”


“I am not prepared to be associated with lies and smears… And bullies in the shadows. These people are more like Paul Daniels than David Blaine.”

“I am coming for every single one of you who brought trouble to me… In this story, fact is stranger than fiction. You cannot make up what will become public knowledge soon… I am still standing… And I love living.”


Referencing Britain as a country of “Churchill and Chaplin” and amusingly sharing his own failings –  he’s “not very good at mathematics” and “can’t draw stick men” – Stunt ends on a positive note:


“2018 was terrible. 2019 will be inshallah, my year. My resolve is stronger than ever. I will not waver, I will not bend to tyranny. I will see this through and there will be me standing and there will be a few of you fallen.”


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  1. Very charitable to the Ecclestones. I just think they are vulgar, spoilt and ridiculous. The breast feeder Tamarra is the worst of them — she even has 87 pairs of jim jams.

  2. If I were him, I would not be so charitable to that bag of bilge family!!!!!!!!!!!!! The poisonous dwarf and his daughters are twerps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. He is right to challenge the Daily Nazi – a paper whose owners were sympathetic to Hitler and his tribe. That must be emphasised.

  4. its very clear this man means nothing but business and is obviously a very respectable man i wish him the best of luck in what he is doing.. also a very well wrote article matthew !



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