Help Find William Cookson – Missing Since August 2022 From London, SW6

London based artist William Cookson has been missing since early August; please help his family and friends find this much-loved 45-year-old.

London based artist William Cookson has been missing since early August; please help his family and friends find this much-loved 45-year-old

Talented portrait painter and abstract artist William Cookson is the much-loved son of Richard and the late Patricia Cookson, the founders of CV Villas. He and his siblings have lived in Chelsea and Fulham for the majority of their lives and Will, himself, has resided close to Fulham Broadway station for over ten years.


45-year-old Will is 5’11” tall, has brown hair and brown eyes and went missing at the beginning of August. His car, a white Suzuki, was last seen in Queen Street Mayfair and though there have been various sightings of him in Old Brompton Road, South Kensington and Kensington Church Street, Kensington since, his now understandably worried family and friends have been unable to make contact with him via telephone and through social media channels for some considerable time.


Will has familial connections in Corfu and Northumberland. He has also spent time in amongst other places Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Barbados and South Africa. He likes to walk around the city of London, is amiable and sociable and is a well-known and much-like patron of many establishments in Chelsea, Fulham, Kensington and Notting Hill.


Please share this information widely and please look out for Will in London and elsewhere. If you have information, please contact the UK Missing Persons Unit on 0800 234 0634 quoting reference 1372 10 8 23. Alternatively contact Pat on +44 (0) 777 574 4585 or email


Together, we can find William Cookson.


Pictured top – Will in an image shared on one of his social media pages on 9th July 2022 and in an image shared on 16th February 2022.


William Cookson in an image shared by his brother Henry on 21st August 2021 and a poster released as part of attempts to find him.
Pictured in South Africa in February 2022 with Table Mountain behind him and in London in December 2020, William’s family and friends urge members of the public with information to contact them via telephone or email or to call or email the UK Missing Persons Unit (details above). All help will be much appreciated.
William on his 40th birthday in London. Establishments he has been known to frequent regularly include The Fox and Pheasant on Billing Road, Frantoio on Kings Road, the Hollywood Arms on Hollywood Road, PJ’s on Fulham Road, The Sporting Page on Camera Place and The Tommy Tucker on Waterford Road – so please look out for him in these and other locations.
Born in Wimbledon in 1977 and educated at Harrow School in London and the Charles Cecil School in Florence, Will trained in drawing, painting and sculpting before setting up his own studio in Chelsea. Aside from his much-lauded works of portraiture, since 2003, he has, as he has said himself, been “driven by the complexity of London’s urban landscape” and “become more expressive” in his works.
Harrow School educated and Charles Cecil Studios trained William Cookson with businesswoman Heather Bird Tchenguiz at an event for the International Fund For Animal Welfare in Pavilion Road, Chelsea in October 2019. Showing his generous nature, Will kindly gave a painting which was auctioned to support the charity.
William Cookson pictured during a subsequent exhibition of his works at Heather Bird Tchenguiz’s HB Gallery in Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge in September 2020.
A video shared on Twitter during the 2020 showcase of Will’s works. His collectors number the legendary composer Hans Zimmer and he has exhibited in Barbados, Corfu and at various locations in the United Kingdom.

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  • Thank you so much Matthew. Your contribution will greatly expand the search. We the family are very grateful.
    Best wishes
    Michael Corry Reid
    (William’s uncle).

    • Dear Michael, I have just spoken with Rex and we are all hoping that something will just trigger someone's memory and help find dear William. Best wishes, Matthew

    • This is being looked into by the family - but obviously the wheels of such things here are hard with GDPR, the sloths at the Met Police, etc.

  • Have you contacted Missing People on 116 000? They will work closely with the police, help with publicity and provide support. They are an excellent resource. Hoping he is found soon. 🙏🏻

    • The police and the UK Missing Persons Unit are listed on the missing person poster. The family are liaising with the relevant authorities and organisations and I am hopeful that, like you, dear William is found soon. Missing People is indeed a good organisation.

  • I intend William will be found safe and sound very soon. I'm sending you all lots of love and violet energy.

  • I saw this man in Truro asleep on the bench outside Truro Health Park a few weeks ago. I would say 12th August, it was a Friday.

    • Thank you for this information Naomi. I have passed on your email contact to those managing the search and they will be in touch. Any further detail could be vitally helpful.

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