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What’s Next For Mucky Madam Maxwell?

What's next for Ghislaine Maxwell - Maxwell House

Matthew Steeples explains what’s next for convicted mucky madam Ghislaine Maxwell as she faces a second trial and sentencing

All’s looking far from rosy in ‘Maxwell House’ and though the siblings of the now convicted criminal sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell have been using their @RealGhislaine Twitter account to bleat about how her conviction shows “the deep flaws in the US justice system,” they’ve unsurprisingly garnered little sympathy.


On Monday 3rd January, the @RealGhislaine account announced: “While the jury verdicts have been acclaimed by victims’ groups & commentators as a welcome development in the hunting down of sexual assault perpetrators, this case shows the deep flaws in the US justice system.” If the verdict had gone the other way, you can bet that the account would have been saluting the US justice system instead.
69 Stanhope Mews East was the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell between 1989 and 1997. It was also, the Met Police clearly believed at one point, the location of an alleged brothel given the efforts they placed into surveilling it in 1994. The questions now are thus: Why was this investigation stopped and did anyone powerful intervene to force this investigation to be stopped?
After her conviction on Thursday last, editor-in-chief of ‘The Steeple Times’ Matthew Steeples shared his thoughts on the case on Twitter. His missive went viral and has been retweeted over 880 times, quote 39 times and liked nearly 3,500 times. In it, he called for the Metropolitan Police to reopen their 1994 investigation into what went on at an alleged brothel at Ghislaine Maxwell’s then home – 69 Stanhope Mews East Mews, South Kensington, London, SW7 5QT. Again today, we call upon Dame Cressida Dick to finally do the decent thing and revisit this matter – even if she did go to the same school and the same college at the same university with ‘Cap’n Bob’s’ decidedly deviant daughter.

Indicative of a collection of cretins with exactly the same kind of arrogance as their late pension pot plundering papa, the Maxwell family decision to go down the route of attacking what they call “deep flaws” rather than accepting the verdict that proves their sister to be a monster just like daddy is perhaps to be expected. It, however, also is deeply flawed and it will not help them as they work towards whatever comes next.


Elsewhere, this morning, I was asked by my rising star actor and friend Haaz Sleiman – best known to date for his roles in The Visitor, NCIS,  CSI: Miami, ER, Jack Ryan and Killing Jesus – about whether Ghislaine Maxwell will name other names in this case.


Answering the many other questions I’ve received in this regard also, in short my reply should assist all those with answers on the topic of “what’s next” in this case. It read:


“I doubt she will name anyone yet. She will go through the process of being analysed pre-sentencing – that will take a number of weeks. She is planning an appeal – that will take months. And then there is her second trial (lying under oath) – date to be set.”


“So, for now, given her arrogance and given that her lawyers want this to run and run given they have already made £7 million from her (she is to them a great cash cow), don’t expect that quite yet. It may come, but remember that her father once said: ‘I have a beautiful daughter and she’s just like me.’ I would replace ‘beautiful’ with ‘deviant.’”


I should have also added: “And that’s before we even get to the issue of ‘Randy’ Prince Andrew and what went on on that fateful night of Sloppy Giuseppes at Pizza Express (Woking Branch).”


On Monday 3rd January, ‘Agent A’ shared footage from Ghislaine Maxwell’s webcam. In it, the deviant daughter of ‘Bouncing Bob’ giggled and in ‘Carry On Style’ bizarrely joked: “Hello, hello, Are you playing? … Did you have life jackets on? Was safety part of this?” The person she was speaking to responded: “I’m not going to answer that question. My lawyer has advised me to answer such questions. My wife, in fact, for that matter.” The now convicted sex offender clearly never anticipated the irony of how such words now bite her in her rotten arse.
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