Website of the Week – Overheard and Seen in Whitstable

Website of the Week – Overheard and Seen in Whitstable

Facebook page where Whitstable locals spend time moaning and arguing will have you in hysterics; welcome to an example of a modern day spouting place for ‘Busybody Britain’


You’ll likely have come across the Facebook page ‘Overheard in Waitrose’. It has garnered over 500,000 likes since its inception in April 2014, but, for those wanting to see something a little more off-the-wall, we urge readers to attempt to join the closed group ‘Overheard and Seen in Whitstable’.


If approved by the somewhat Kafkaesque page admins – a controlling trio named Helen Crook, Leo Osborn and Simon Poole – one gets not only usual community related issues such as stories of missing-presumed-stolen mobility scooters (lots of these contraptions can be found causing havoc on the pavements of Whitstable) but also angry incomers ranting about planning decisions, moaning mothers lamenting the limited opening hours of McDonald’s and shoppers saluting local stores for the quality of their mushroom displays.


From the bizarre to the ridiculous, ‘Overheard and Seen in Whitstable’ will certainly leave you laughing. A selection of strange posts, pictures and requests follows:



  1. I was inspired by the one about the scissor sharpening. I need a pair done myself. Any ideas? I live just off the King’s Road in Chelsea.

    • They did film the “pervasive lesbian themed” BBC TV series “Tipping the Velvet” in the town, but, if you are meaning “queer” as in “odd”, Whitstable is no odder than anywhere else. If you want such, try visiting deepest, darkest North Devon where they are very puritanical and anti-drinking.

  2. I see they don’t like oyster racks on this page. They move to an oyster capital and then they whinge! Crook, Osborn and Poole sound like bundles of fun! NOT!

  3. Just remembered why I left this page! Live in the town, it really is like this, when you aren’t having running battles between DFLs (Down from Londoners) and locals…..

  4. Whitstable parochial bullies run that site. They are the same people who want to stop the Oyster Company, bonfires on the beach and supermarkets opening. I got banned but not before I myself told them to f*** off back to their f****** keyboard warrioring.

  5. I also got removed from that page! I think them 3 are in a 3 way love triangle and each take a turn to ban a person depending on who is on top that night!

  6. I’m born and bred in Whitstable. banned from this page can’t even remember why lol…most of the admin in this group aren’t even originally from here


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