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Wally of the Week – Richard Madeley

Sanctimonious champagne grabber Richard Madeley makes inappropriate joke about alleged abuser Harvey Weinstein


Richard Madeley rather loves the sound of his own voice. Decades ago he formed part of a tediously sanctimonious duo known to the nation as ‘Richard and Judy’ but now this irritating pair – though surprisingly still married – pretty much do their own thing.


Wally of the Week – Sanctimonious champagne grabber Richard Madeley shares an inappropriate joke about alleged abuser Harvey Weinstein. It reflects only on his sorry character
Judy Finnigan with her husband Richard Madeley (centre)


Whilst Judy (Finnigan) is often pictured completely out of it wobbling down the street (but thankfully no longer flashing her boobs on television), ‘Dick’ appears to like attending charity galas so guests can massage his rather substantial ego.


Last Friday, however, ‘Dick’ got a little raunchy whilst drawing a raffle at the Pinktober Gala at The Dorchester. According to The Sun, Mr Madeley announced a prize of a spa weekend at “the five star Mayfair Hotel” and stated: “Also included you can choose from the following 60 minute treatments: Personalised facial. Relaxing body massage. Harvey Weinstein will not be present.”


He then added: “I would’ve thought by the time you were there reserving the prize, he would be in jail.”


According to the paper, this inappropriate gag was met with “oohs and laughter” but just like when Richard Madeley got caught having a “memory lapse” after leaving a supermarket without paying for shopping (including champagne) on two separate occasions, the last giggle might just end up on him.




6 comments on “Wally of the Week – Richard Madeley”

  1. I bet Dicky did a bit of grabbing at The Dorchester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I were married to Boozy Judy then I’d want to grab something a bit yummier!!!!!!!!!!! WTF is he still doing with her??????????? She looks like she could be his granny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Scummy not yummy!!!!!!!!!! Not even yummy when she flashed her titties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I wondered what had become of this long forgotten duo. They used to grace our televisions at every chance but obviously alcoholism got the better of her and dirtiness him. Good riddance.

  3. I wonder if he’s trying to be the next James Corden. The only amusing thing about these two wallies is how shocked they were that people didn’t find their jokes funny.

  4. Talking of the Dorchester.
    Decades ago it was so elegant. Today it is the pinnacle of vulgarity.
    I feel so sorry for the waiters having to serve the disgusting Middle Easterners with their trainers and crude girlfriends.
    A shame how the vile rich of the Middle East has ruined London

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